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[ Reading ] ➶ Jam Butties and a Pan of Scouse Author Maggie   Clarke – Submitalink.info JAM BUTTIES AND A PAN OF SCOUSE Is A Gritty Yet Heart Warming Memoir Set Against The Backdrop Of Liverpool S Tightknit Working Class Docklands Community The Story Covers Maggie Clarke S Upbringing In The Tenements Close To The Docks, The River Mersey And The Leeds And Liverpool Canal An Area Notorious For Having The Worst Slums In Britain, Yet The Closest Community As WellAt The Tender Age Of , Maggie Clarke Finds Herself The Matriarch Of The Family When Her Irish Mother Runs Off With Another Man Leaving School At To Work At A Local Factory Putting Sticks Into Lollies, She Is Determined To Make A Better Life For Herself And Her Family Before Starting Her Own Family With Her Childhood Sweetheart, Who She Marries At After Falling In The Family Way She Has One Night Of Married Life With Her Husband Before He Is Sent To India With The Navy And Is Devastated When She Never Hears From Him Again, Presuming Him A Casualty Of The War That Is Raging At Home And AbroadAnother Tragedy Strikes When Maggie S Brother Tommy Is Also Claimed By The War, Leaving Her Father Inconsolable, But Maggie Knows Life Has To Go On And Falls In Love With Joseph, An Irish Settler Who She Has Children With But Her Happiness Is Short Lived As Her First Husband Suddenly Appears Out Of The Blue Demanding A Divorce, And Her New Husband Drinks Away What Little Money They Have, Returning In Fits Of Rage That Leave Maggie And Her Children Hungry And Afraid Many Times She Is Only Able To Feed Her Brood By The Kindness Of Neighbours Putting A Pan Of Scouse On The Range For Her, Or Feeding Her Kids Jam Butties To Help OutMaggie S Story Sweeps Across The Changing Face Of Liverpool, From Its Squalid Dock Streets, The Tenement Blocks And Cobbled Roads To The Decline Of The Docklands, New Council Housing, The Rise Of The Mersey Beat, The Beatles And The Energy And Passion Of A City That Is Home To A Cast Of Colourful Characters With The Resilience To Withstand The Heartbreak And Hardships That Only The Poorest Can Know

10 thoughts on “Jam Butties and a Pan of Scouse

  1. Vicki Vicki says:

    I loved this one so much It is about a girl named Maggie Clarke notice the author s name whose mother was a drunk and left with another man when Maggie was only 11 years old Maggie was left in the position of taking care of the household at such a young age, caring for her two younger sib

  2. Jackie Stitt Jackie Stitt says:

    Heart warming readMaggie s story had me crying and laughing Ever though I m from a different town, it reminded me of stories that my Mam would tell me about her childhood Her family must be so proud of her, thanks for a great read.

  3. Janet Morton Janet Morton says:

    Great readSuch an easy read, really enjoyed reading about life in Liverpool before I was born The women worked so hard back then and Maggie was a little treasure.

  4. katie cain katie cain says:

    Lovely readLoved this book cried and laughed lovely book to read x7 19 had to read until the end scouse humour at its besT

  5. lindsey simmons lindsey simmons says:

    Just amazing An awesome read Some funny and also heart breaking memories from years gone by I really felt I was there with Maggie and her family and friends Would highly recommended to anyone who is into history type reads and reading about how others lived in the past during WWII , rationing and dealing with hardship in slum t

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    A really enjoyable story It was sad when she had to take over the role of mother and housewife when she was only 10 years old when her mum walked out on the family and then having to go through 2 marriages that didn t work out, losing her brother But in the end she had her family and all the other women on the street to support her and s

  7. christine stephenson christine stephenson says:

    CaptivatingA brilliant story spell binding just couldn t put the story down family love and drama really takes you in to the lives of the girls just brilliant Maggie Clarke at her best

  8. Tom Roach Tom Roach says:

    Beautifully written book from an era close to my heart Amazing story of a woman who really went through the mill, never having much in life but the love of and for her children This book will hook you in send shivers down your spine and bring tears to your eyes.

  9. carole hurley carole hurley says:

    Fabulous storyWell written true story about the lives and times of this lovely lady Maggie Clarke a book that you must read

  10. Jenny Ilgunas Jenny Ilgunas says:

    This is what should be taught in history lessons in the UK Grave but realistic view of life in Liverpool during and around the war years Heartbreaking and uplifting at he same time.

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