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Free ↠ Jersey Sweets By Janice Hanna – Walk The Garden State With Three Sisters From A Candy Making Family Taffie Is Determined To Save The Candy Store Along The Boardwalk, But Will Ryan Antonelli Be Equipped To Help Her Candy S Dream Job As A Pilot Has Led To A Romance With Fellow Pilot Darren Furst, But Will Union Turbulence Break Them Apart Tangie S Broadway Dreams Are On Hold While She Works With Gregg Burke In Church Drama But When A Stage Part Becomes Available, Will She Leave The Stodgy Music Director Behind Watch As Answered Prayers Lead These Sisters To Sweet Love.

10 thoughts on “Jersey Sweets

  1. Jennifer Baxter Jennifer Baxter says:

    This book was okay, I enjoyed the characters she had but once their individual stories were done you very rarely heard about them again in the next girls story Also everything seemed very predictable to me I enjoyed it but not a favorite that I would want to read again.

  2. Genevieve Genevieve says:

    It was okay, the first story was best, then the second was secondI honestly didn t even really like the third so shrug not my cup of tea

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I LOVED this series If you re a fan of the Rossi clan, you re sure to become a fan of these sweet pun intended sisters I just finished reading this series reading that Taffie, Candy Tangie had a connection to my favourite Bay luh made me smile so big It brought me back to the very first time I saw the cover of Fools

  4. Penny Penny says:

    I enjoyed reading the three stories in this book about about the Carini Sisters Taffie stays home to run the family Candy Store in Atlantic City Candy goes off to fulfill her dream of becoming a pilot Tangie wants to become an actress Along the way each sister is trying to find Mr Right Each young woman has God centered in he

  5. Lisa Allen Lisa Allen says:

    I loved the characters in this book They each have their own personalities and keep Christ as their center Having such strong, real, characters was such a blessing I will recommend this to everyone

  6. Kim Kim says:

    Three sweet stories about three sisters who were raised working in their family candy store All end happily ever after leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy at the end.

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