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➮ JLA Classified, Vol. 4: The Hypothetical Woman Read ➶ Author Gail Simone – Submitalink.info The Justice League Of America Is Caught In A Harrowing Situation After Being Sent By The United Nations Security Council To Intervene In A South American Nation Ruled By An Iron Fisted Dictator But General Tuzik Has An Ace Up His Sleeve The Hypothetical Woman, A Mysterious Being Who Enables Tuzik To Create His Own Evil Version Of The JLAThis Volume Is Written By Gail Simone, Writer Of BIRDS OF PREY, With Art By Comics Legend Jos Luis Garc A L Pez

10 thoughts on “JLA Classified, Vol. 4: The Hypothetical Woman

  1. Scott Scott says:

    3.5 starsHe s attacked uswith an all out military assault This isn t some grinning idiot in a cape He s been ahead of us the whole time It s not an approach we re used toPropaganda Biological warfare Chemical weapons Direct military forceAll right, General let s playan angry BatmanA Justice League adventure penned by special guest writer Gail Simone, The Hypot

  2. Craig Craig says:

    This book begins with an interesting premise The J.L.A is going to take down a ruthless human dictator rather than face off against their usual super villain or super alien foe but then introduces a super being who creates a super team after all, and the story slides into arun of the mill pattern The titular Hypothetical Woman is never really explained or developed too

  3. M M says:

    Featuring the writing of one Gail Simone, I was really looking forward to the collection dubbed The Hypothetical Woman What I discovered was a grandiose scheme trapped by the rules of the DC Universe We open with the JLA taking apart the dictatorship of one General Tuzik Upon his arrest, they discover the genocidal madman has already made a back door deal with the United Nation

  4. Rosa Rosa says:

    The JLA gets involved in ousting a dictator which is a very political move that is rife with difficulties for them Unfortunately he strikes a deal with the UN rather then going to court and paying for his crimes While living in China as an ousted dictator he manages to convince other nations through threats and fear that he should be given weapons and money in exchange for getting rid o

  5. James Bowman James Bowman says:

    A interesting idea for a story a deposed dictator uses discarded supervillain tech to seek revenge on the League Results in some interesting callbacks, too Unfortunately, it feels like it doesn t quite live up to its potential, and the ending seems a bit truncated But still a worthwhile read B

  6. Theediscerning Theediscerning says:

    A three and a half star read not too bad, as the action is quite good, and it s a decently self contained arc If the baddie and his chief helper were a little better defined, things would be really good As it is his progress against his equivalents elsewhere, and his whole plan of campaign, were quite muddled On the plus side is the artwork, some reasonable new characters, and a healthy balance of the Le

  7. Mjhancock Mjhancock says:

    The JLA go up against a global despot, one who s assembled his own army of superheroes It s a solid enough story, with some interesting ideas, such as Starro as a miniscule virus and the idea that someone s been gathering up all the scraps left from superhero fights At the same time, it never really rises above servicable everyone s in character, but they lack the personality of Simone s Secret Six, or even the s

  8. Brad Brad says:

    Gail Simone packs in plenty of interesting ideas in this book micro Starros, a Society of Super Villainous Despots, a character that conjures stuff out of stories , but the pacing and characters get rather unreadable at several points.

  9. Mulberry Street Library Mulberry Street Library says:

    Barry s pick

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