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[Reading] ➿ Journey Through the Cold War By Raymond Garthoff – Submitalink.info In This Memoir, Ambassador Raymond Garthoff Paints A Dynamic Diplomatic History Of The Cold War, Tracing The Life Of The Conflict From The Vantage Point Of An Observant Insider The Author S Intellectually Formative Years Coincided With The Earliest Days Of The Cold War, And He Participated In Some Of The Most Important Policymaking Of The Twentieth Century With A Forty Year Career Spanning Nearly The Entire Length Of The Cold War, Garthoff Is Well Positioned To Provide Essential Insights Into Some Of The Most Harrowing And Momentous Events Of Our Time In The 1950s He Carried Out Pioneering Research On Soviet Military Affairs At The RAND Corporation During His Four Year Tenure At The CIA 1957 61 , In Addition To Drafting National Security Intelligence Estimates, Garthoff Visited The Soviet Union With Vice President Richard Nixon And As An Interpreter With A Delegation From The Atomic Energy Commission At The State Department, Garthoff Worked As A Special Assistant To Secretary Dean Rusk And Was Directly Involved In The Cuban Missile Crisis Later He Served As Executive Officer And Senior State Department Adviser For The Strategic Arms Limitations Talks SALT Delegation In The 1970s He Served As A Senior Foreign Service Inspector, Leading Inspection Missions To A Number Of Countries Around The Globe As U.S Ambassador To Bulgaria 1977 79 , Garthoff Gained First Hand Knowledge Of The Workings Of A Communist State And Of The Soviet Bloc In The 1980s Garthoff Wrote Two Major Studies Of U.S Soviet Relations He Traveled To The Soviet Union Nearly A Dozen Times In The Final Decade Of The Cold War, And In The Early 1990s He Had Access To The Former Soviet Communist Party And Foreign Ministry Archives In Moscow Garthoff S Journey Through The Cold War Informs The Views, Positions, And Actions Of The Past His Anecdotes And Observations Will Also Be Of Great Value To Those Anticipating The Challenges Of Reevaluating American Post Cold War Security Policy.

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