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[BOOKS] ✴ Just Say When  ✻ Kaylee Ryan – Submitalink.info I do love a brother s best friend book, honestly they are my kryptonite I have loved pretty much all of them I have read I did really enjoy this one, but at times it felt cheesy I also would have liked a little steam in the story, as crazy as it sounds it was just too sweet The males in the story didn t act like typical guys, their actions were what your girlfriends would do to help you meet or hook up with guys I just don t feel male POV was executed very well If you are a fan of brother 3.5 Sweet and easy read Stars Very low angst other than the brother situation Nate was absolutely amazing However it was another one where some simple conversations could have saved them time apart but I guess there wouldn t be a story then lol. Will keep this short I was bored for a great deal of this book despite older brother s best friend being one of my favorite tropes There was a certain level of maturity to the characters that I felt was woefully missing Nate and Ava move at a glacial pace and baring a small portion I audio reread February 2017 I forgot how much I adored Nate and Ava Mae Great narrators two of my all time faves I ve said it before and I ll say it again, good narrators make or break an audio After listening to this, I want the epilogue w This is about a 2.5 for me It was just ok For two people that grew up together and loved each other secretly I wasn t really buying it Maybe snippets of their past might have helped It was all a bit male fighter cheesy I honestly skimmed most of the book I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review Thank you 3.5 stars Just Say When was one of those crushing on your brother s best friend and hiding a sweet spot for your best friend s baby sis types of reads.A book standalone, it entailed the tale of Ava Mae and Nate What started as what was thought to be an unrequited love on both sides, turns into something as a chance of fate brings them together and the two find themselves delving into what was thought to be futile and forbidden.Author Kaylee Ryan defini ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.I just have to say that Kaylee Ryan has me adoring her newest release Just Say When This book was definitely one sweet tale of friends to lovers, first love, and meant to be love story that captures pure innocent love A love between two friends who finally realized that it was time to take the biggest gamble To finally admit that there is a special bond between them A love that existed for years and it was a matter of time for them to finally to just say when. Ava Evans has always been in love with her brother s best friend, Nate Garrison For years, she always thought he only saw her as just the best friend s little sister But when a circumstance of fate reunites these two, lines of love begins to get crossed when they finally realized that their attraction and feelings for each other is so much So will this new found love ruin their life long friendship or will this relationship show that they were meant to be Nate was an absolute sweetheart He was patient and the kind of boyfriend and lover that any woman would swoon for I adored Nate and Ava s relationship because they didn t just rush into a sexual relationship but took time to explore their feelings This relationship was built on a foundation of trust, friendship, and love If you are a fan of sweet romance and HEA, then Just Say When is the book for you Ms Ryan was abl Saving Myself For Marriage, Not Hardly Saving Myself For Someone Who Will Make My Heart Race, Most Definitely In Theory It S A Good Plan, However Even The Best Laid Plans Fall Through Seeing Him, Being Around Him, Alerts All My Senses And I Dream About Being His, Wrapping Myself In His Arms And Never Letting Go The Only Problem He Sees Me As His Sister My Name S Ava Evans And I M In Love With My Older Brother S Best Friend, Nate Garrison Burying Myself In Work For The Past Two Years, Avoiding Any Thought Of Her, Has Worked, Until Now She S Everywhere, In My Dreams, In My Gym, And In My Heart I M Not Sure When I Fell In Love With Ava Evans, But I Am Completely In Love With My Best Friends Baby Sister At First She Was Too Young For Me And That Made It Easy To Stay Away Now, It S A Struggle To Keep My Distance How Am I Supposed To Resist Her When I Can T Escape Her If He Ever Found Out, It Would Ruin Our Friendship Even With That Knowledge All She Would Have To Do Is Just Say When. Ava and Nate have both had a thing for each other for years but neither of them had the guts to tell each other and let it be known Nate is Ava s brothers best friend There is a guy code, you don t mess with your best friend s sister, right Well when Nate and Ava are around each other after a couple of years not seeing each other, Nate just can t hold back any He loves Ava and decides that with or without Brody s blessing, he will make Ava his.One thing I loved about this story is that KR didn t make Nate a manwhore that Ava had to watch with different women all the time while pining for him in the background As a matter of fact, it is not mentioned that she ever saw him with an OW I m not saying in all the years he never was with anyone else but by the time they get together he hasn t really dated or anything else for 2 years.This is low on angst and big on love I loved every second of this book Was it a little cheesy at times Yes, but I don t care I love Overall Rating 3.5Super sweet I now have a cavitySTARS Price is Right view spoiler 2.99 on Meeeeh More like a FREE or 0.99 read hide spoiler

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