PDF / Epub ☀ Just Thinking - Thoughts on Spirituality, Loss, Love & Living One Day at a Time Author Jim Moeller – Submitalink.info

PDF / Epub ☀ Just Thinking - Thoughts on Spirituality, Loss, Love & Living One Day at a Time Author Jim Moeller – Submitalink.info Just Thinking, As With The Previous Book A Journey Of Reflections, Can Be An Important Part Of Your Life And A Trusted Companion On Your Spiritual Journey What I Ve Always Loved About Jim S Writing Is His Openness And Honesty This Book Is A Window Into The Thoughts And Realizations Of A Humble And Sincere Critical Thinker, A Man Who Isn T Afraid To Show His Weaknesses And His Humanity In His Great Wisdom, Jim Shows Himself To Be A Common Man With The Same Strengths, Faults And Weaknesses We All Share And Revealing That Humanity Can Lead Readers To A New Sense Of Expansion And Growth For Me, One Of The Most Important Aspects Of This Book Is A Gentle, Loving Encouragement To Rise Up And Keep Pushing Forward In Moments When I Might Feel Weak Or DefeatedIn Reading Jim S Thoughts And Realizations, I Find That Not Only Can I Be Inspired, But My Own Intuitive Process Is Beautifully Stimulated What A Joy To Awaken To My Own Spiritual Depth, My Own Abilities For Deeper Thinking Jim Shows Us That We Must Be Cautious Of Trying Too Hard When Things Are Not Going Right Things Aren T Going Well, So To Make Them Better, I Try Harder And The I Do That, The Worse It Gets With Each Try Harder Moment, We Depend Less On God And When Depending On God Less, We Have To Try Even Harder It S One Of The Paradoxes Of Life And Jim Illustrates This Wonderfully In This BookAs You Read Through This Collection Of Thoughts, You Ll No Doubt Notice That Jim Muses On A Variety Of Subjects The Steps, Loss, Human Interaction, Love, Faith, A Higher Power His Words Also Encourage Flexibility In Life, And Clearly Show Us The Futility Of Worry In Imagining The Audience For Just Thinking, I Think That Folks With Varied Backgrounds And Interests Can Find A Treasure Here Certainly Those In A Step Program Will Find Truth And Clarity To Assist With Their Sobriety But Jim S Approach Is Non Denominational, And His Thoughts Will Also Ring True For Regular Church Goers, Those Without A Formal Religion, Those Who Love Life And Enjoy Deep Thought, Those Who Need Comfort, And Even The Average Person With A Seeking Mind Jim S Audience Is Nothing Less Than A World In Desperate Need Of These Thoughts And ReflectionsAlthough You Can Easily Read This Book In A Few Sittings, I Also See This As A Regular Companion, One That Calls Readers Back On A Daily Basis Kept Close At Hand, This Book Could Offer Consistent Hope And Guidance Reading Even One Or Two Thoughts A Day Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Life Like Rich Chocolate, Each Entry Can Be Savored, Mulled Over Slowly And Purposefully, Adding A Bit Of Clarity And Order To A Chaotic World

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