Karmic Whispers: ...a time to heal PDF ↠ ...a time

Karmic Whispers: ...a time to heal PDF ↠ ...a time Sara Sofia London spentyears as a Corporate Executive, a Wife, a Mother and a Lover By the time of her th birthday, she suffered from deep depression, stress and severe anxiety She couldn t understand the cause of this debilitating state of existence, so she asked for help only to be offered quick fixes which she knew were not the answer Determined and willing to get her life back to once again experience Love and Happiness, Self Worth and Inner Wholeness, Sara embarked on a Self Healing journey and she never looked back It s true when they say that The Universe is bountiful and giving like a magic Genie granting our every wish I found through my own experiences and work with others, that in order to benefit from all that it has to offer and like in the story itself, we must first truly connect with ourselves We need to heal We must break the chains that bind us Throughout many years of dedication and service toward the healing and well being of others and in the last ten years my own, I found that when faced with obstacles or real problems we tend to seek a solution outside of ourselves We may turn to religion, spirituality, motivation books or even self proclaimed gurus Many give up before they even begin, whereas some travel to the Four corners of the Earth in search of the answers My publication is filled with examples and effective tools to help and guide you in your journey of self healing and self discovery, hence opening the door to a much brighter, joyous, happier and abundant life, filled with love and abundance of all that you have always envisioned for yourself

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