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!!> BOOKS ✹ Kid Colter (KidColter Book 1) ✯ Author Scott Christensen – Submitalink.info If You Like The Style Of Louis L Amour And Ralph Compton, You Ll Enjoy This NovelSoldiers Ride Into Jacksboro, Texas To Issue A Call For Volunteers To Fight Shots Have Already Been Fired At Fort Sumter In The War For Southern Independence At The Time The War Was Only Expected To Last Three Months Winn Colter Was Only Thirteen Years Old But Steps Forward To Volunteer With The Other Texans When Questioned About His Age, He Was Told To Go Home And Send His Father To Fight Being Told You Can T Do Something Never Sits Well With A Strong Willed Teenager One Way Or Anotherhe Was Going To Fight After Waiting Nearly Two Years, On His Th Birthday, Winn Colter Kissed His Mother, Mounted His Horse And Rode Away To War Without Ever Looking Back Even At His Young Age, Colter Would Prove To Be A Man Of Skill On The Frontier, A Boy Grew Up With A Gun In His Hand Almost Before He Learned To Walk In An Area Where The Only Justice Rode On A Man S Own Hip, He Better Have Frontier Savey Or He Would Be Missing His Hair And Might Not Survive That Was The Way Of The West As The Son Of A Gunsmith, Colter Learned Than Most Boys And Had A Natural Ability Men That Shot As Well As Winn Sometimes Ended Up On On The Wrong Side Of The Law Or Even Dead Before Winn Goes Off To War, He Is Warned About The Dangers Of Reputations And He Tries To Heed The Warnings Colter Is On A Mission When He S Forced To Make A Choice Of Follow Orders And Let A Woman Die Or Rescue Her And Run It S A Decision That Could Change His LifeLater, Clues To An Old Murder Are Revealed And Colter Is Faced With New Challenges That Put Hidden Talents Back In Action There S Unexpected Twist And Turns In His Journey That Will Catch You By Surprise In The End You Ll Wonder How Many Men Have To Face The Wrong End Of Kid Colter S Guns

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