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[KINDLE] ❁ King Sized Beds and Happy Trails ❅ Becca Ann – Submitalink.info Book In The Beds Series Written By Cassie Mae And Theresa Paolo, Under The Pen Names Becca Ann And Tessa Marie Lexie Boggs Needs Out Of Her House Away From Her Alcoholic Mother And Far Away From The White Trash Label That S Been Smacked Across Her Chest She S Saved Every Penny From Her Multiple Jobs So She Can Dart Out Of There As Soon As She Graduates But There S Something Else She Wants So Badly She S Willing To Spend Every Dime She Has Her Senior Class Trip And The Chance To Seduce The Senior Hottie, Sean Dixon Ryan Parker Knows How Much College Means To His Best Friend, Lexie He Also Knows Sean Is A Player On A Search For How Many Girls He Can Get In His Bed So Instead Of Letting Lexie Drain Out Her Piggy Bank, He Forks Out The Dough To Get Her On The Senior Ski Trip Not Only Because She S His Best Friend, But Because He S Face Planted In Love With Her When Ryan And Lexie Get Jammed In The Same Cabin, With One King Sized Bed And A Whole Lot Of History, Ryan Fights To Keep His Feelings Hidden, While Lexie Discovers Some Of Hers

10 thoughts on “King Sized Beds and Happy Trails

  1. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    5 EASY TO LOVE KING SIZED STARS.Cassie Mae strikes again, her books are like chocolate for my romance loving soul Cheeky, cute and adorable I can never resist this authors writing charms Utterly dreamy book thoughts to follow What s it all about Lexie Boggs does not have the easiest home life Her mums alcohol addictio

  2. Leigh Leigh says:

    This book is full of emotion and so much fun It s definitely one you won t want to put down.

  3. Nerd Alert Nerd Alert says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I LOVED this book It is sweet and lovable There is no pretending, who wants to be in the friend zone Cassie and Tessa brilliantly navigate the situation and pull the reader in to the story.Many of the books I have read I really hated one of the main characters, but I can say I LOVED al

  4. Lauren ♥ Inked in Chapters Lauren ♥ Inked in Chapters says:

    Read this and other reviews at Madison Says Wanna know how I know a book is good That it s worththan 4 stars I can feel it Literally It starts as this shaky almost tingly feeling in my arms and it travels all the way down to my belly When the characters are sad, I m sad When they laugh, I laugh It s this connection And I felt it I definitely fe

  5. Mariana Mariana says:

    So, first of all I would like to say that this book was given to me in exchange of an honest review.I kinda ended the book like 3 hours ago, so it s pretty much fresh and all that in my head I got my quotes ready and all that stuff, so yeah. Let s get this party started..I feel like I always say this, but I m pretty sure that I ll be game for anything C

  6. ♥ Rebecca ♥ ♥ Rebecca ♥ says:

    So, I decided to go for a twofer I wasnt done with my Cassie Mae fix so I read another one, and I read it in one sitting.This was a bit different I dont think I have ever read a book from the POV of a guy experiencing unrequited love before Its usually the girls who do that sort of thing, so it was interesting to see the thoughts of a guy who is in love with his

  7. Lenore Kosinski Lenore Kosinski says:

    4.5 stars I had the absolute privilege of reading this delightful tale before it s even out Woop woop LOVED it It had so much charm and humour, which I ve come to expect from Cassie Mae Becca Ann, but it also had some fabulous depth and heart wrenching moments I haven t yet had a chance to read Tessa Marie s as Theresa Paolo debut book, but I must say that her voice matc

  8. Heidi Heidi says:

    What a fun read First I can t believe it was written by two people because it flows so well much like the main characters Lexie and Ryan It was easy to fall in love with them as well as their friends Kaylee and Nate I also enjoyed the back story of their parents and the issues Lexi s and Nate are dealing with Sometimes I get frustrated with teenagers and their hormones but the au

  9. Mandy Mandy says:

    Loved this book It was a littleserious than I was expecting there was a lot going on with both MC s family situations but it really gave the characters a lot of depth There were a lot of cute and funny moments as well Really looking forward to the next book in the series Highly recommend.

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