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[BOOKS] ✰ Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry ✺ Mary Higgins Clark – Submitalink.info An Electrifying New Thriller From Queen Of Suspense Mary Higgins Clark When Investigative Journalist Gina Kane Receives An Email From A CRyan Describing Her Terrible Experience While Working At REL, A High Profile Television News Network, Including The Comment And I M Not The Only One, Gina Knows She Has To Pursue The Story But When Ryan Goes Silent, Gina Is Shocked To Discover The Young Woman Has Died Tragically In A Jet Ski Accident While On Holiday Meanwhile, REL Counsel Michael Carter Finds Himself In A Tricky Spot Several Female Employees Have Come Forward With Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Carter Approaches The CEO, Offering To Persuade The Victims To Accept Settlements In Exchange For Their Silence It S A Risky Endeavor, But It Could Well Make Him Rich As Allegations Emerge And The Company S IPO Draws Near, Carter S Attempts To Keep The Story From Making Headlines Are Matched Only By Gina Kane S Determination To Uncover The Truth Was Ryan S Death Truly An Accident And When Another Accuser Turns Up Dead, Gina Realizes Someone Or Some People Will Go To Depraved Lengths To Keep The Story From Seeing The Light

10 thoughts on “Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

  1. Kay Griffin Kay Griffin says:

    People PLEASE don t rate books you haven t read This site has enough trouble with legitimacy.

  2. Cindy Thorsen Cindy Thorsen says:

    Great book but the ending felt rushed I would have enjoyed a littledetail about what happened.

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I made it 85 pages kids.85 dull as dirt, utterly boring, plodding, pointless pages in which nothing happened Reading those 85 pages felt like when I was seventeen and trying to slog my way through Heart of Darkness incidentally the one and only time I resorted to Cliff s Notes for a school assignment Some woman who was about to expose some guy for sexually harassing her is maybe murdered she was murdered before she can expose him So

  4. Selah Pike Selah Pike says:

    Where was the suspense Why was there so much product placement Why were all the secondary storylines just opportunities for Clark to express her opinions on modern society And don t get me started on the resolution

  5. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I am becoming very fond of Mary Higgins Clark This book is her foray into the MeToo generation And a well crafted book it is too I was following the plot from twist to twist and wondering where certain threads would lead I did pretty much figure out whodunnit, but it was an enjoyable journey.

  6. Eunice Brownlee Eunice Brownlee says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I never have high expectations from MHC because her books are cream cheese frosting laden cupcakes to me Delicious, but not nearly substantive enough Clearly, she s lost her touch in writing a decent suspense novel As a fan of hers for the past 30 years and someone who has literally read everything she s ever written, this book was a huge letdown All of her novels are pretty classic

  7. Katie Katie says:

    2.5This was a very hard book to get into, with bland writing and such a simplistic writing style I almost dnf it The concepts this book talked about were very hard to read about and I think that it s important that the metoo movement and sexual assault need to be talked about, I wish that it was written in a better way The final 80 pages of the book picked up and moved the book from two to three stars I don t think I ll be reading anything else by this author and I m disa

  8. Gigi Thrasher Gigi Thrasher says:

    Okay, the truth is I haven t read it yet I m trying so hard to save it for my Christmas vacation but it s been sitting there since Tuesday I preordered it LAST November bc well it s MHC and it s just taunting me Like, you know you want to read meWho needs a clean house Why would you wait another month when I m here now Look, I m already unwrapped Ughhh MHC you re messing with my mind Lol I know it ll be five stars It s always 5 stars I ve been reading her since 1989 I ve read the O

  9. Cora Cora says:

    I have loved all of Mary Higgins Clark s other books but this one just wasn t the same I still like that she doesn t use bad words or include any sex scenes, that is something I have appreciated in all her other books This one just seemed to lack excitement and the slower parts seemed bogged down with the details that weren t that interesting or that important I was very excited to read this book but it was just okay which is disappointing because her other books are great Overall, I woul I

  10. Kris - My Novelesque Life Kris - My Novelesque Life says:

    RATING 3 STARSKiss the Girls and Make Them Cry is an okay mystery novel I still read Mary Higgins Clark out of loyalty and nostalgia I have read her since my early teens They are light mystery reads, and this one is pretty much the same.

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