[Ebook] KW Cash: Kilowatt Cash By James P. Rogers – Submitalink.info

[Ebook] KW Cash: Kilowatt Cash By James P. Rogers – Submitalink.info KW Cash Is Money That Is Backed By Kilowatt Hours Electricity Reaches Into Nearly Every Home And Business In The Country It Is Used By Everyone And Once We Figure Out A Way To Make Credits Used As Easily As Money, KW Cash, Will Become A Very Strong Medium Of Exchange Electricity And Energy Backed Money Will Be Spent Among The General Population Once We Can Find A Way To Make It Easy, People Will Spend These Energy Credits Everyday It Is Money That Can Be Produced By Anyone And Is Regulated By The Government Until About 2000, This Was Impractical Due To Technical Issues Now, Technology Allows Us To Use Smart Card And Information Technology To Track All The Energy Imagine A Time In The Future If The Money Collapses, Or There Is A Disaster What Will Be Useful For You Gold Coins Or A Generator, Car, Fuel And Sustainable System That Will Give You Power If The Situation Is Dire, How Far Will That Gold Get You If You Are A Sav Vy Negotiator, You Will No Doubt Do Very Well However, Most People Will Spend The Metals Away, And The Money Will Be Hoarded By A Few Astute Groups On The Other Hand, A Generator, And Fuel Can Run Water Filters, A Greenhouse In Cold Climates, Provide Heat And Light You Can Also Barter This With Others, And Spend This Energy Into The Economy.

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