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1. Ablalenguas
Learn Spanish in Spain in language schools in Madrid Barcelon...
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2. Language Instructor
Need a new language for life work or play? Language Trainers is the answer across the USA. Learn...
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3. Christchurch College of English
The Christchurch College of English New Zealand is an English language school offering courses to study and learn English as a Second language for general communication business or a...
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4. Learning Spanish in Manuel Antonio
Learn Spanish in a high quality educational institution created to facilitate the learning of Spanish under the whole language...
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5. English School London
SKOLA provide English tuition to an international body...
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6. Chinese Blossom
Offering Mandarin lessons and Chinese classes in Shanghai with helpful information on studying Mandarin travelling living and work...
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7. Isla Spanish Language School
Language school offering Spanish language courses for learners of all a...
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8. Learn Spanish in Spain
Clic IH is a language school which is based in Seville. It offers for example intensive Spanish courses one to one Spanish cou...
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9. English School : Bloomsbury International
English school in London providing English courses including Business English IELTS TOEIC and TOEFL English exam courses and one to one p...
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10. Online TOEFL Tutoring
Offers online TOEFL tutoring services and exercises including methods in TOEFL reading listen...
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