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!!> Download ✤ Live and Learn  ➻ Author Niobia Bryant – Submitalink.info Set In Her Hometown Of Newark, NJ, This Popular Bestselling Author Brings You A Hip, Sexy, And Drama Filled Story Of Four Friends With Choices To Be Made, Sins To Be Forgiven, And Lessons To Learn It S 24 7 Money To Burn, It S Fancy Houses, Designer Clothes, And Luxury Cars It S Leaving No Pay Jobs And Crumbling Projects To Have Everything Mad Cash Flow And Best Friends, Alize, Dom, Moet, And Cristal Will Do Anything To Get The Glamorous Life And Put The Past In The Rear View Mirrors Of Their Brand New Whips A Savvy And Smart Business Major, Alize Had Her Childhood Shattered By The Divorce Of Her Parents And Is Determined To Never Fall In Love And Risk Being Hurt Dom Learned Early To Use Her Sizzling Hot Body To Make Much Bank And Find An Eascape From Her Too Dark Looks And Drug Addicted Mother Disillusioned By The Faith And Strict Parents She Grew Up With, Moet Figures Hooking Up With Powerful Men Is Now The Real Way To Heaven And Streetwise Cristal Has A Master Plan To Get The Security She Never To Knew As Foster Child To Make These Dreams Come True, These Sistahs Will Go After The East Coast S Biggest Movers And Shakers Superstar Rappers, Mega Successful Moguls, And Powerful Thugs For Life But Between The Wild Times And Wilder Men, One Of Them Is Going To Gamble One Time Too Many, One Will Play A Player Too Far, One Will Take A Dangerous Chance, And One Will Face A Hard Real Deal Choice To Survive, They Ll Have To Depend On Each Other And Remember Who They Truly Are To Learn That The Good Life Doesn T Cost A Thing

10 thoughts on “Live and Learn

  1. Shelby P Shelby P says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I just finished this book last night and I just have to ask myself Is this truly how these girls from the ho

  2. Ashley Teagle Ashley Teagle says:

    I really got into this book I liked how Bryant made her characters evolvenothing annoys mein the urban fiction genre than characters who don t develop The cliff hanger at the end drove me crazythank

  3. Felicia A Felicia A says:

    I d actually give this 3 and a half, but not 4 stars Having read the sequel first, and not given it a fabulous review, I can say that reading this one while the sequel was still fresh made the sequel better f

  4. Kellee Kellee says:

    I just finished this book and it was really good Not a dull moment I could have done without all the sex scenes One problem with the book was all the name brand dropping It started off on like the 3rd page and was so r

  5. Brittany Brittany says:

    Good book but all the name brand dropping was over the top It was truly annoying I loved reading the book from the different points of view and such it was really good It started slow at first but midway through the boo...

  6. Black Carrie Black Carrie says:

    great book I loved the cover for some odd reason Alize is my favorite Live and Learn is a very entertaining novel This book is filled with drama and held my attention to the very end Some parts made me mad then sad

  7. Malissa Poole Malissa Poole says:

    When I start reading a book, I have to finish it I think I started this book 2 years ago, got to page 2, and I could not finish this mess But being true to my rule, I have picked this book up again idk why and I will finish it.

  8. Kathy Kathy says:

    I had owned this book from the beginning but just got around to reading it I loved the storyline even with all the issues these4 friends had.

  9. Laura Laura says:

    It s a ok book

  10. Kesha Lynne Kesha Lynne says:


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