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Free ↠ London Prep By Jillian Dodd – New Exchange Student Mallory Is Causing Quite The Stir At London Prep Specifically With Best Friends Harry And Noah Their Fast Friendship Makes Way For A Tricky Love Triangle In This Entertaining Tale Of High School Drama London Prep Where The Boys Are As Cute As Their AccentsHi I Know Everything About This School And For Your Information, Harry And Noah Happen To Be My Best Mates That S Why I Took It Upon Myself To Sit Next To You And Introduce Myself I Saw The Way Harry Was Wrapped Around You And The Way Noah Looked Like He Wanted To Murder You You Ve Already Gotten My Boys Twisted Up, Plus Half The Girls In History, So I Had To See What The Fuss Was All About You Re The New Girl And Bound To Cause Drama, So I Figured It S My Civic Duty To Help Guide You Through The Hostile And Hormonal Battlefield That Is Kensington SchoolThis Is How A Really Cute Guy Introduced Himself To Me On The First Day Of My Three Week Student Exchange In London And If You Couldn T Already Tell, I Think His Friend Harry Is Adorable His Blue Eyes And Charming Wit Instantly Won Me Over Right After His Lips DidNoah, On The Other Hand, Is Tall, Dark, Intense And Spends Way Too Much Time In The Shower I Know This Because I Have To Live With HimMy Name Is Mallory James And My Life Just Got A Whole Lot Complicated

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  1. Christy Christy says:

    4 starsLondon Prep where the boys are as cute as their accents Jillian Dodd does YA romance and high school drama so well When I saw she was writing a new series set at a private school in London, I knew I had to get my hands on it London Prep is one of those books you won t be able to put down I devoured it Mallory James is a high school student from NYC who gets sent to London for a student exchange program The host family she

  2. Jo - •.★Reading Is My Bliss★.• Jo - •.★Reading Is My Bliss★.• says:

    Jillian Dodd is the undisputable Queen of YA stories and London Prep reaffirms that with plenty of teenage angst to keep me eagerly turning each page.Mallory has been sent to London for a three week homestay school experience She is not happy with her parents decision but once she arrives she is pleasantly surprised The Williams family have such a warm and welcoming home, she instantly feels like part of their family.After a quick orie

  3. Kris (frantic4romantic) Kris (frantic4romantic) says:

    Okay super swoony I like love triangles, but I don t read many of them because they stress me the heck out The back and forth is too intense for me usually, so I just try to avoid them if I can But man, they re such a good read if they re done right.Harry is all confident sexy Brit boy with a troubled past he comes on strong and hot and shows no shame for it Noah is that love interest that just makes sense, ya know The one where it kind of st

  4. Anne OK Anne OK says:

    A new drama rama high school series that s fast paced and lively entertaining I m not usually a big fan of teeny bopper romances, but it s Jillian Dodd writing this one Who passes up her books certainly not me LONDON PREP is full to the brim with teenage angst and a twisted triangle between friends Its main female lead is a sassy exchange student from the States And the cast of British hunks takes her breath away And lots of laughs and, of course, c

  5. Mandy Morgan Mandy Morgan says:

    High school drama I love it London prep is witty, drama filled with a side of hotties It s a Great YA read I can t wait to get my hands on book 2 Although London Prep doesn t end in a cliffhanger you will want to know what Mallory is going to do next How much Drama can she get into in 3 weeks

  6. The Smutbrarians The Smutbrarians says:

    Feels 2Steam 4Storyline 4.5Overall Rating 4.5Reviewed by Robin Perfect YA book that sucks you into all of the angst and feels that you lived through in high school Mallory s new adventure in London lets you live vicariously though making new friends, finding new loves and expanding your experiences As you get invested into each of their lives, you wonder just what will happen next to these young people and how will it all end So much fun

  7. Rhonda Ziglar Rhonda Ziglar says:

    5 LONDON PREP STARS OMG, Mallory, Harry and Noah will take you on a fun ride in high school You will get all the feels and lots of chemistry between these three I can t wait for the next bookI am already addicted to this series.

  8. Dani (books and blankets) Dani (books and blankets) says:

    I enjoyed this book The cover and blurb pulled me in Mallory leaves New York to attend school in London as an exchange student She hated the idea, she didn t want to be there But now I m wondering how difficult it ll be for her to leave and go back home The guys and Mal are funny and interesting and horny confusing teens Lol I absolutely adore Harry and I want the best for him BUT my heart is pulling for Noah I can t wait till book 2 is here I need .

  9. Cocktails and Books Cocktails and Books says:

    Stopped this on 43% in I enjoy YA books, but this one and I did not connect.

  10. Tia Tia says:

    Final Rating 4.5 Stars

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