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[[ PDF ]] ✪ Lost Reputation  Author Kimberly Ann Miller – Submitalink.info Casey Hayes Has A Secret She Writes The Conspiracy Theory Column For Her High School Newspaper As The Editor, She Thrives On The Thrill Of Uncovering The Facts Until She Gets Tangled Up In A Scandal.When She Begins Reporting On A Teacher S Shameful Secret, Threats Start, Demanding She Stop Investigating Casey Blows It Off And Keeps On Writing Even Sexy Victor Cruz, The Hot Senior With The Adorable Accent Who Chases After Casey And Tries To Protect Her, Fails To Convince Her To Keep Her Mouth Shut But Things Only Get Worse As She Ignores The Warnings, And Soon, Casey Must Decide If Exposing The Truth Is Important To Her Than Her Life.

10 thoughts on “Lost Reputation

  1. Jen Jen says:

    Disclaimer I know the author, she has been to my store to do signings and I have hung out with her at book shows She s a great person and a great author This does not sway this review, my opinions are my own I did not receive this book for the review Though it was offered, I had already purchased my own copy What can I say, I love her writing Ok, disclaimer done,

  2. The TBR Pile *Book review site* The TBR Pile *Book review site* says:

    Lost Reputation is a must read Forget the fact that it s young adult even though that part is fabulous , if you enjoy a good mystery this should be on your list to read

  3. Ashley McLeo Ashley McLeo says:

    Lost Reputation is an easy, fun, YA novel with romance and mystery What I liked best about this novel was the main characters voice It s believable as she s pretty sarcastic like a lot of teens I know including myself as a teen and knows what she wants but flip flops on that a lot especially when she s considering her love interest Totally relatable, I feel like I did that

  4. Christine Kirchoff Christine Kirchoff says:

    There may be drugs in the cafeteria food and a teacher may be having a relationship with a student That alone kept me reading but Casey really makes it hard to put the book down There are several twists and revelations at the end, let me tell you, I didn t get them all right

  5. Chris Dunham Chris Dunham says:

    An thrilling take on rumors, gossip and conspiracy theories Casey writes a column for the school newspaper and finds herself getting deeper and deeper in trouble as truths are revealed and lies threaten not only her friends, but her life as well This story unravels with the help of her best frien...

  6. Bella James Bella James says:

    Miller pulls no punches in introducing feisty protagonist, Casey The story arc had me hooked from beginning to end and for me the writing comes up with a definite and well deserved five stars.Dark at times, I loved the seductive theme of rumours and wild conspiracy theoriesperfectly indulgent I particularly liked the w...

  7. L L says:

    Great for readers who love a little or a lot of mystery with their YA

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    Fantastic, clever, fast paced YA read filled with suspense, twists and turns, and romance

  9. Karla Karla says:

    This was very interesting, it was full of suspense and mystery of trying to figure out who was sending the threatening messages to Casey, and other stuff at school that Casey was investigating like the whole student teacher relationship where the teacher ended up pregnant, now who s the baby daddy, are they really spiking the cafeteria food with drugs, etc.At the beginning of the book, it seemed like h

  10. Deidre Huesmann Deidre Huesmann says:

    4.25 stars Lost Reputation is a whirlwind YA romance semi mystery novel, starring Casey, who is allegedly obsessed with conspiracy theories, gossip, and spreading the truth When she gets caught up with Vic, one of her classmates, her obsession takes a deadly turn for the worse.There are a lot of things I liked about this novel, namely that the characters are so vivid and varied Character is the most importa

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