Lucifer's Abbey Epub ñ Kindle Edition

Lucifer's Abbey Epub ñ Kindle Edition If you are a fan of those generic suspense and horror novels that you find in airport book stores, don t read this book Because this is not a novel to kill time with Michael James Smith weaves an intricate web of mystery steeped in ancient wonder and spurred on by an unspeakable horror that challenges contemporary criminal investigators at every turn The plot seems to wind its way in an unpredictable path, with instantly relatable characters that experience interactions with an old and malevolent evil that pushes the boundaries of their belief, and tests the very core of their intellectual and moral fiber I will certainly not reveal the storyline here, but I will confess to taking to reading this book during the daylight hours, around a quarter of the way into it Lucifer s Abbey is not your conventional murder mystery suspense horror story It is a journey into your deepest, darkest fear

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