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[Ebook] ➣ Λυσιστράτη ➩ Aristophanes – Submitalink.info Non esistono al mondo creature pi sfrontate delle donnev 369 La guerra ventennale tra Atene e Sparta diventata logorante per tutti ma gli uomini sono ciechi e sordi di fronte alla ragione e se nessuno li ferma continueranno a trucidarsi La scena si apre proprio su Lisistratainquieta passeggiando dinanzi alla casache attende le altre donne chiamate a raccolta e alle quali vuole comunicare l estrema decisionebisogna astenersi dal bischeroDi fronte a tale richiesta, per , le donne cercano pretesti Non si sentono cos coraggiose da potersi astenere sessualmente.Ecco che Lisistrata perno e caposaldo dell azione al compito di ricercare lo strumento con cui ricattare gli uomini e far cessare la guerra si aggiunge quello di convincere le donne che il sacrificio proposto importante.Fondamentale questo spirito di sorellanza perch se alle donne non permesso entrare nel campo delle decisioni qui con forza pretendono questo diritto non pi solo ascoltare ed obbedire a testa bassa con quel velo sul capo a segnare la condizione di inferiorit imposta ma con la forza dell unione a dar voce alle proprie opinioni.Rosso il sangue versato in guerra.Rosso il colore del desiderio carnale che si esprime liberamente Sono ancora lontani i tempi delle dottrine artefatte che assoggettano e addomesticano la natura reale dei corpi come It had been quite awhile since I contemplated over any books let alone penning a critical appraisal on Goodreads It was tough trying to get words out of the overwhelming emotional vortex an obstinate ketchup bottle ignoring the need of a fried potato for the tangy goodness So, when Brian suggested a group reading of Lysistrata, I was a bit apprehensive A Greek playwright crossing the dreaded course of fallen heroic tragedies even remorse to my cerebral coma not a luxurious indulgence at the moment Lysistrata is a woman s name yes it is and sex is the weapon used to hem the broken olive branchTo husband or lover, I ll not open arms Though love and denial may enlarge his charms But still at home, ignoring him, I ll stay Bountiful, clad in saffron silk all day If then he seizes me with by dint of force, I ll give him reason for a long remorse I ll never lie and stare up at the ceiling Nor like a lion on all four go kneeling If I keep faith then bounteous cups be mine Do you swear to this Then I shall immolate the victim thusHolding a pair of olive logs, a vine torc How old is the idea of women withholding sex from men to get what they want Well, apparently as far back as 405 BC, because that s what happens in this hilarious and bawdy Greek comedy In this play it Today Alyssa Milano called for a sex strike in response to Georgia s abortion ban, which raises two questions 1 Alyssa Milano is still a thing and 2 Haven t I heard this before I can help with the second thing Milano got it from Aristophanes, who in 411 BC invented the sex strike and, for all you know, dildos It s 411 BC and Athens is deep in the Peloponnesian War with Sparta and everyone s pretty stressed about it In Aristophanes brilliantly simple idea, the women of both sides organize and throw a sex strike Stop fighting, they say, Or no humping The plot is that they say that and then it works There s some stuff about dildos, for obvious reasons, but that s about all there is to it Unfortunately it was a made up story in real life this didn t happen and Athens lost the war and that was basically the end of the Golden Age of Democracy But the play is great easily Aristophanes s best surviving play funny and filthy and don t forget, the thing about Greek plays is that you can knock one out in an hour and a glass of wine, s TV Commercial Does your husband and the men of Athens just want to wage war Do they ignore your pleas for peace no matter how long the Peloponnesian War has been going on Tired of your men s stupid decisions in such a trying time Do you wish to end it Well women of Athens, you are in luck, we have the solution for you, withhold sex from your husbands and lovers, that will bring them back with their tails between their feet and a signed peace document Women of Athens Would that not just create divisions between the sexes and a sort of war between the citizens TV Commercial ehhhh, most likely But, their idiocy must be stopped.Lysistrata You have got a deal I am starting now Women let us meet My time has come to convince you to withhold sex so we can have peace This cannot possibly backfire Now that that is aside, THIS IS NEITHER A FEMINIST PLAY, NOR A PACIFIST ONE I understand why modern readers might interpret it as such, but at the time it was written,and many years after, it was clear that the view was that women were a nuisance that needed to be protected from t , This was hilarious Women withholding sex until all the men stopped the war What an imaginative idea I especially liked how the women fought against their own desires despite being in heat Several laugh out loud moments for me. In the introductory note in my edition a Mr Crofts mentions that the play is notorious for its racy, almost pornographic humor I d say that this seems to be a bit of an overstatement Surely it is not that much racy than say a William Shakespeare play or for that matter The Arabian Nights Tales from a Thousand and One Nights It is really all talk and no action Surely we as modern readers can handle that And would anyone living in 1994, the date of this edition, really consider this pornographic As for the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley NSFW link , though they are lovely, they are also a bit besides the point I mean there s not actually any enormous penises running around in the play At the most there s some naked wrinkly old men ok, all men deciding to never read this play at this point, c LysistrataSome Greek men, you ll discover,Being a lesser loverThan a renderer of war,Treat their wives much like a whore.So one day, Lysistrata,Equipped with all the data,Reckoned upon a tacticTo withhold love climactic.She aimed to end all conflictWith some cohorts she had picked,To flaunt breasts and nothing hide,Though, til peace, men were denied.Males came with their pricks erect,Revealed for all to inspect,Still their wives rejected them,Until war they would condemn.S Lysistrata Is A Play By Aristophanes It Was Originally Performed In Greece In 411 BC And Tells The Tale Of Women Using Their Sexuality To End The Peloponnesian War Lysistrata Convinces The Women Of Greece To Withhold Their Sexual Power From Their Husbands And Partners To Negotiate For Peace This Strategy Creates A Battle Between The Sexes.The Play Lysistrata Gives Us Great Insight Into Male Female Relations In Ancient Greece Which Was A Male Dominated Society Lysistrata As The Protagonist, Is A Strong And Inspiring Character The Play Is Often Humorous, The Use Of Language Was Considered Explicit In Its Time.The Foreword To The Book Below, By Jack Lindsay, Shows The Importance Of Aristophanes Play This Is Followed By Some Wonderful Quotes From Lysistrata.Foreword The Intellectual And Spiritual Tendrils Of The Poem Are Truly Interwoven, The Operation Of Their Centers Nearly Unified And So The Work Goes Deeper Into Life It Is His Greatest Play Because Of This, Because It Holds An Intimate Perfume Of Femininity And Gives The Finest Sense Of The Charm Of A Cluster Of Girls, The Sweet Sense Of Their Chatter, And The Contact Of Their Bodies, That Is To Be Found Before Shakespeare, Because That Mocking Gaiety We Call Aristophanes Reaches Here Its Most Positive Acclamation Of Life, Vitalizing Sex With A Deep Delight, A Rare Happiness Of The Spirit Jack Lindsay Calonice, It S Than I Can Bear,I Am Hot All Over With Blushes For Our Sex.Men Say We Re Slippery Rogues Yet Summoned On The Most Tremendous BusinessFor Deliberation, Still They Snuggle In Bed Lysistrata My Dear, They Ll Come It S Hard For Women, You Know,To Get Away There S So Much To Do Husbands To Be Patted And Put In Good Tempers Servants To Be Poked Out Children WashedOr Soothed With Lullabys Or Fed With Mouthfuls Of Pap Calonice Are You Not Sad Your Children S FathersGo Endlessly Off Soldiering AfarIn This Plodding War I Am Willing To WagerThere S Not One Here Whose Husband Is At Home Lysistrata And Not The Slightest Glitter Of A Lover And Since The Milesians Betrayed Us, I Ve Not SeenThe Image Of A Single Upright ManTo Be A Marble Consolation To Us.Now Will You Help Me, If I Find A MeansTo Stamp The War Out Lysistrata Lewd To The Least Drop In The Tiniest Vein,Our Sex Is Fitly Food For Tragic Poets,Our Whole Life S But A Pile Of Kisses And Babies.But, Hardy Spartan, If You Join With MeAll May Be Righted Yet O Help Me, Help Me Lysistrata By The Two Goddesses, Now Can T You SeeAll We Have To Do Is Idly Sit IndoorsWith Smooth Roses Powdered On Our Cheeks,Our Bodies Burning Naked Through The FoldsOf Shining Amorgos Silk, And Meet The MenWith Our Dear Venus Plats Plucked Trim And Neat.Their Stirring Love Will Rise Up Furiously,They Ll Beg Our Arms To Open That S Our Time We Ll Disregard Their Knocking, Beat Them Off And They Will Soon Be Rabid For A Peace.I M Sure Of It Lysistrata This Kindle Book Has Been Hand Formatted And Includes A Linked Table Of Contents And Illustrations By Norman Lindsay And Renaissance Artists Enjoy

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