Mass Murderers: The Worlds Most Notorious Rampage Killers:

Mass Murderers: The Worlds Most Notorious Rampage Killers: Discover the most notorious rampage killers in the world Murder is a rather common occurrence but at times, it goes beyond common and takes a large step toward the absurd When individuals, who otherwise seem to be perfectly normal snap, they are capable of doing unspeakable things and in some cases, they become a rampage killer This publication is your guide to some of the most notorious rampage killers that have ever walked the earth Throughout the pages of this publication, you will learn about the situations that lead to multiple deaths occurring within a matter of minutes From the Sandy Hook Elementary school to Lizzie Borden, which took place overyears ago, you will be amazed at what occurs You also learn about the following rampage killers in greater detailInside the mind of a rampage killer When you are able to take a look inside of the mind of a rampage killer, you would be surprised with what you find They are difficult to profile and in many cases, give no prior evidence to the fact that they are capable of such an actAdam Lanza Sandy Hook Elementary School In the most deadly school shooting on record, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary school and murdered many young children Within a matter of minutes, this ordeal was overSeung Hui Cho Virginia Tech In two separate shootings on the same day, this rampage killer brought an end to multiple lives on the Virginia Tech campusGeorge Hennard Luby s Cafeteria Killeen, TX After driving his truck into the window of a local cafeteria, this rampage killer stalked and killed many of the customers who were inside of the restaurant at the timeJoseph Whitman University of Texas In one of the infamous rampage killings, this student of the University of Texas climbed the tower at Austin and shot multiple people in a shooting rampage that lasted overminutesPatrick Henry Sherrill Post Office Edmond, OK Have you ever heard of the expression going postal This rampage killing that was committed by a postal worker is why that expression existsColumbine High School In one of the deadliest school shootings on record, two student rampage killers entered into Columbine and systematically shot multiple people It is a school shooting that changed the way that many things were done in schools todayJames E Holmes Aurora, CO In one of the recent rampage killings, this young man entered into a theater and shot randomly into the audienceLizzie Borden Falls River, MS In the late s, this woman is accused of killing her father and stepmother by hitting them in the head with a hatchet up totimes And much, much Although most of us would not like to think that there are rampage killers on the loose, the fact is, they are likely still walking free in society today This publication is a guide to seeing inside of the minds of rampage killers and to knowing about what they are capable of doing Download this publication today and learn about rampage killers now

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