10 thoughts on “Max y la Fiesta de Adopcion = Max and the Adoption Day Party

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    I really like this book because it normalizes adoption It is not an adoption story it doesn t say how the adopted child came to be adopted, just that he has an adoption day party every year to celebrate the day he was adopted It terms of actual text and illustrations, this is a pretty middle of the road early reader Nothing

  2. Sade& Sade& says:

    I give this contemporary realistic fiction book a 3 star rating This book is intended for level A readers ages 6 and up I chose to read this book because having a child in a classroom 7 out of 10 children may be adopted Adoption is something that occurs in the world today This book is about a boy name Jose who is best friends with an

  3. Esther Esther says:

    A little too simple or basic to be very useful as an adoption book since it doesn t give very much info at all about adoption Pretty much what you learn is that an adoption day party is like a birthday party I wonder if kids would walk away thinking that Jose doesn t have a birthday or wasn t born but was adopted instead and just has an adopt

  4. J-Lynn Van Pelt J-Lynn Van Pelt says:

    A simple chapter book that celebrates Jose s adoption day like a birthday party A positive message about adoption and a positive portrayal of a Latino family.The publisher calls this a Red Level book which is meant for beginning readers because it presents familiar topics using common words and repeating sentence patterns The pictures are painted cart

  5. Takeisha Hannor Takeisha Hannor says:

    This is a great family book to teach children about differences in their families It was a good book that i explored when doing a research on family structure I really think children will enjoy the story and the pictures Overall, a good book

  6. Briana Briana says:

    This book does not even explain, in simple terms, what it means to be adopted I wish it hadto do with adoption The title could have been changed to Max and the Birthday Party, and the story still would have made sense I am disappointed.

  7. Kathryn Joyce Kathryn Joyce says:

    Confusing book on how a family celebrates Jose s adoption day, similar to a birthday party The book incorporated a different culture along with adoption which made it unique Would be a nice book for an adopted Spanish speaker to relate to.

  8. ReadingWench ReadingWench says:

    Although this book does not explain what an adoption day is, it is a cute book kids will enjoy.AR 1.7

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