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[Ebook] ➥ Melancholy  By Charlotte McConaghy – Submitalink.info As excited as I was to get started with the second installment in the series, I felt like it took a long time for the story to really get started in this one On one hand, I totally get it Melancholy, by definition, is pensive, slow, and lethargic In essence, the start of the novel embodied the feeling it was named after However, that doesn t mean that part of it was great fun to read I felt like it dragged quite a lot and it took me longer to get through the first half of this one than it did to read the entire first book in this series Even so, McConaghy s vivid writing style drew me in and I could really feel what Josi was going through That takes talent and I applaud her abilities Once things got started, though, I was every bit as invested in this book as the first Again, there were plot twists that totally shocked me I fell right into the trap that McConaghy set for readers, and I absolutely loved being surprised by things The second half of this book than made up for the first half as far as action goes Probably my favorite thing in this book was the feel of a dystopia within the dystopia I don t think I ve ever actually seen that done in a novel before, and I absolutely love it I couldn t get enough of the parallels between the society these people were living in and the one they d run from I also love the way that McConaghy wove mythological references and g After I read the first book in the Cure series called Fury , I knew I needed to start reading the second book Melancholy as fast as I could I loved Fury and I really wanted to know what would happen next with Josephine and Luke So I cleared my reading schedule and began reading as fast as I could Melancholy is another great book by Charlotte McConaghy Men I really love this series I devoured the pages of Fury , and with Melancholy it was really the same From the moment I started reading I didn t want to stop Melancholy begins right where Fury ended Josephine and Luke have escaped and are now with the resistance in the west Everything is different there The people are different, the food is different and above all the rules are different But Josephine had no choice about where to go with Luke being comatose And now there are new treads and dangers Luke isn t the same guy any and Josephine has to try to find the strength to make a new life for herself I don t know what it is with this series but it s just so good I was hooked to every single page and I didn t want to stop reading until the end But when I was at the end, I was just so frustrated because I really wanted to know Yep, that s how good this story is The characters in this series are all very different, but Charlotte McConaghy describes the Here In The West They Know A Lot About Hope They Know How To Ration It Just As They Do With Food And Water Josephine Is At Last Free Of The Blood Moon But In A Desperate Rush To Find Help For A Comatose Luke, She Discovers The Strange And Dangerous World Of The Resistance, And It Is Unlike Any World Josi Has Known.In The West They Believe In Fury They Cultivate And Encourage It The Unruly People Of The Resistance Know That To Survive Means To Fight But Can They Fight The Inevitable Cure For Sadness That Rushes Steadily Closer In The Action Packed Sequel To Fury, Everything Josi Believes About Herself Will Be Challenged Haunted By Atrocities And Betrayals, She Must Find The Strength To Trust Again, And Decide How Far She Is Willing To Go To Fight The Inevitable.At Times Both Brutal And Sweet, Melancholy Is The Story Of Second Chances And Finding Love In A Ruined World. Thank you Pan Macmillin for sending me Melancholy I don t know what to say I finished this last night at 3AM I just couldn t stop Ms McConaghy has such a way with her prose It s lyrical It s beautiful It s poetic And I truly cannot write a review great enough to do her work justice Is it the Dystopian society she builds that holds me captive No While I love it, it s the characters Ms McConaghy writes that captures me and will not let me go I cannot emphasize enough the amazing level and depth she captures in her characters, and the talent it takes to do so Josie is so beautiful In all that she has endured Surrounded in a world full of emotionless people when she s so overwhelmed with emotions herself and not at liberty to feel with others because they are incapable of it and she s marked if she does so Luke whose past haunts him day and night, forced to watch the ruin of his family through the Cure It s the beauty of Luke and Josie together that captures my heart There was a subtle beauty in Luke taking Josie to see the ocean and to pretend that she sat in front of her cello I could hear the music pouring out of that cello set against the backdrop of the ocean It s so pure, so Actual rating 3.5 stars Review to come soon I love this series Melancholy has also been released in episodes and I had actually read Episode One so when I received the omnibus edition via netgalley I was so excited skipping past the part I had already read I jumped straight back into the story and re entered Josie and Luke s world.The basic idea behind The Cure series is a world in which the government have erased our anger, creating a society of drones who gently go about their business Things have inadvertantly arisen because of this cure which I won t go into in case you havent read book one Fury, which incidentally was in my top 5 YA novels read in 2014 Our main protagonists are Josie who faced down her demons in book one and Luke who is very much facing down his in book two In this instalment they have escaped the city and are with the resistance But people are dying, suspicion is rife within the community and there are dark secrets hovering just beneath the surface.Again I won t talk too much about plot if you are a YA Dystopia fan I highly recommend you give the Cure series a go, the story is beautifully constructed and has enough that is different about I received this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.I absolutely loved Fury, book one in this series, and was so excited when I stumbled across book two being offered over at Net Galley that I instantly put in a request despite the several other reviews I had waiting Melancholy is a great second book, and while my affections for this one have not diminished, the pacing was a bit off in the first half and is reflected in my star count There are still the great questions about society vs government and control vs freedom that are being explored in the second book It too is not just a thrilling ride, but a study of human nature and what is lost when we give up a part of what makes us human.Book two picks up shortly after we left off in Fury, and in this book we get to explore the resistance to the domineering and controlling society Josi and Luke fled There is a new third narrator, who is both horrifying and mesmerizing at the same time I m still processing how I feel about her, but man she was interesting to be in the head of for those few brief sections This book has supporting cha More reviews and no fluff on the blog Book One, Fury, was a surprising favorite for me last year The story was full of mystery, different in an interesting way, and certainly the antidote to the rash of saccharine dystopians popular at the time Book Two, Melancholy, eschews the mystery and worldbuilding in favor of humorous snark and a larger cast of for the most part interesting characters But at the same time, it feels very much like the sopho in the series a between book padded with a few extra side plots in order to prepare for a third book I enjoyed the read but missed the world building and mystery of the first book.Story Josephine is free from her transformation but has a comatose Luke in tow and a rebel camp to win over As she makes new friends and enemies there, she finds that things are not quite as white washed as she was led to believe It soon becomes apparent that the camp may be no better than the City she just left.Most problematic is that the storyline reads very familiar unique snowflake girl flees dystopian city to rebel camp only to find that the rebels are just as bad as the city folk Haven t we seen that in nearly every recent dystopia t s been some time since I had read Fury, and honestly, I was nervous about heading into book two without a re read There was a lot that happened in Fury and I was hoping I would be able to remember the small details Especially since Charlotte does such amazing work at foreshadowing, I didn t want to feel left behind and blind But fear not, because things came back to me quickly and again, thanks to Charlotte s amazing writing, she intricately weaved in the details without a huge recap It was brilliant.Melancholy started right where Fury left off Josi has unconscious Luke and they re on their way to the West where rumor has it the resistance camp is We meet so many new characters some good and some not so good It s nonstop action and the twisty plot will keep you on your toes One of my favorite things about Charlotte s books is her ability to not only create these amazing characters but her ability to paint the world so sad and so dissolute yet challenges you as the reader in your beliefs of right and wrong What sounds like I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thoughts When I Finished After devouring the first book I immediately went on to reading this one I think this might be one of those rare case where book two is better than the first book because I couldn t put it down What I Loved I love how great the author is at character development Josi can be strong minded sometimes but she s mostly weak Physically and mentally Her fury is the only thing that drives her She grows so much in this book though She learns to be in tune with her body and her problem solving is better than ever.I especially love the new characters in this book Pace is a favourite because she s not afraid of anything She s crazy brave for being so young Shadow is another great character Like his name suggests, he stays out of the spotlight but is always lingering I have so many questions about him Our new POV in this book is Raven Born and raised outside of the city, she s different from everyone else I can never decide between loving and hating her all at the same time Claire and Tobias were surprisingly favourites of mine as well They were s

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