[EPUB] ✿ Metaphoricity and the Politics of Mobility ❄ Maria Margaroni – Submitalink.info

[EPUB] ✿ Metaphoricity and the Politics of Mobility ❄ Maria Margaroni – Submitalink.info This Collection Of Essays Investigates The Convergence Between The Postmodernpolitics Of Mobility And A Politics Of Metaphor, A Politics, In Other Words, In The Context Of Which The Production And Displacement Of Meaning S Constitute The Major Stakes Ranging From Discussions Of Re Territorialization, Multiculturalism, Digisporas And Transnational Politics And Ethics, To September Th, The Pentagon S New Map, American Legislation On Chinese Immigration, Gianni Amelio S Film Lamerica, Keith Piper S Online Installations And Doris Salcedo S Atrabiliarios, The Collection Aims To Follow Three Different Theoretical Trajectories First, It Seeks To Rethink Our Concepts Of Mobility In Order To Open Them Up To The Complexity That Structures The Thoughts And Practices Of A Global Order Second, It Critically Examines The Privileged Position Of Concepts And Metaphors Of Mobility Within Postmodern Theory In Juxtaposing Conflictual Theoretical Formulations, The Book Sets Out To Present The Competing Responses That Fuel Academic Debates Around This Issue Finally, It Evaluates The Influence Of Our Increasingly Mobile Conceptual Frameworks And Everyday Experience On The Redefinition Of Politics That Is Currently Under Way, Especially In The Context Of Post Marxist Theory Its Hope Is To Contribute To The Production Of Alternative Political Positions And Practices That Will Address The Conflicting Desires For Attachment And Movement Marking Postmodernity

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