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[Ebook] ➨ Michel Foucault  ➧ Didier Eribon – Submitalink.info The less salacious of the two Foucault bios I devoured some 20 years ago being the other I had went to tour a facility in Ohio for work Every turn provided some down time and another spin into this fascinating figure Looking back, I think I invented excuses and dodged some duties I suppose I thought I was combatting hegemony by my being distracted.This approach situated MF into certain traditions as well as movements Miller sought to configure Fou The less salacious of the two Foucault bios I devoured some 20 years ago being the other I had went to tour a facility in Ohio for wor There are, as far as I know, three Foucault biographies available in English I have read all of them Eribon s was the first to appear I believe but if memory serves, the least interesting The Passions of Michel Foucault is the most gossipy and it still doesn t really give up that much dirt and The Lives of Michel Foucault does a better job of giving you a sense of Foucalt s place i This is an absolutely compelling book It does not sensationalize or manipulate as other biographies on Foucault have the life story of a fascinating, brilliant, and radically engaged intellectual. More an extended review of Foucault s works than a true biography The biographical details are very centred on Foucault s career and have little to offer about his personal life But fascinating nonetheless. I bought this at a used bookstore a few months ago, and I started reading it a few days ago Foucault s work is the theoretical linchpin for my work, so I was wondering what made him, well, him The book is a bit dry, and seems totally focused on his intellectual developm I read this book years ago It provides readable and helpful biographical context for Foucault s work It does not provide much analysis of his ideas I have been reading it in preparation for a presentation on Foucault It has always se Very good on Foucault s life history and the odd things that happened to him Foucault was a real survivor Great to meet a philosopher who is unconventional in his sexual life and a great adaptor to everything that ran against him A highly original and i PDF Epub Michel Foucault Didier Eribon Bandcamptomp3.co.uk At The Time Of His Death In 1984, At The Age Of 58, Michel Foucault Was Widely Regarded As One Of The Most Powerful Minds Of The 20th Century Hailed By Distinguished Historians And Lionized On His Frequent Visits To America, He Continues To Provoke Lively Debate The Nature And Merits Of His Accomplishments Remain Tangled In Controversy Rejecting Traditional Liberal And Marxist Dreams Of Solidarity , Foucault Became The Very Model Of The Modern Intellectual, Replacing Sartre As The Figure Of The Eminent Parisian And Cosmopolitan Master Thinker Foucault Himself Discouraged Biographical Questions, Claiming That He Was Not At All Interesting Didier Eribon S Account Contests That Assertion Well Acquainted With Foucault Before His Death, Eribon Has Drawn From The Eyewitness Accounts Of Foucault S Closest Friends And Associates From All Phases Of His Life His Mother, His Schoolteachers, His Classmates, His Friends And Enemies In Academic Life, And His Celebrated Companions In Political Activism, Including Jean Genet, Simone Signoret, And Yves Montand Eribon Has Methodically Retraced The Footsteps Of His Peripatetic Subject, From France To Sweden To Poland To Germany To Tunisia To Brazil To Japan To The United States Who Was This Man, Michel Foucault In The Late 1950s Foucault Emerged As A Budding Young Cultural Attache, Friendly With Gaullist Diplomats By The Mid 1960s He Appeared As One Of The Avatars Of Structuralism, Positioning Himself As A New Star In The Fashionable World Of French Thought A Few Months After The May 1968 Student Revolt, With Gaullism Apparently Shaken, He Emerged As An Ultra Leftist And A Fellow Traveler Of Maoists Yet During This Same Period, Eribon Shows, He Was Quietly And Adroitly Campaigning For A Chair In The College De France The Very Pinnacle Of The Conservative French Academic System This Book Follows The Career Of One Extraordinary Intellectual And Reconstructs The Cultural, Political And Intellectual Life Of France From The Postwar Years To The Present It Is The Story Of A Man And His Time. um, it s Foucault

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