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[Ebook] ↠ Misreading Masculinity  Author Thomas Newkirk – Submitalink.info Newkirk at one point apologetically makes the case FOR the craziest parts of boy writing violence, humor, etc Then he supports his argument and convinces me Loved this and it definitely reframed my thinking about boys. This book was recommended to me by a blogger I follow as something that anyone who is raising a boy should read I didn t really research what it was about I thought the book was going to be about different ways of reading boys behavior It sort of was, but its real focus was on closing the reading gap between boys and girls.The intended audience for this book isn t really parents, it s English and Writing teachers who struggle to reach the boys in their classrooms What the book illuminated t This book was recommended to me by a blogger I follow as something that anyone Read Misreading Masculinity By Thomas Newkirk Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Post Columbine Has Been A Time When The Issues Of Popular Culture And The Behavior Of Boys Have Generated Heat Than Light This Complex, Contested Intersection Has Led To Censorship And Worse Alarm, Irrationality, And A Failure To Examine Our Ways Of Teaching, Particularly Teaching Literacy To Boys In This Book Tom Newkirk Takes An Up Close And Personal Look At Elementary Boys And Their Relationship To Sports, Movies, Video Games, And Other Venues Of Popular Culture Unlike The Alarmists, He Sees These Media Not As Enemies Of Literacy, But As Resources For Literacy.Through A Series Of Extraordinary Interviews, Newkirk Listens To Young Boys, And Girls, Who Describe The Pleasure They Take In Popular Culture They Explain The Ways In Which They Use Visual Narratives In Their Writing They Even Defend Their Use Of Violence In Their Work Newkirk Disproves The Simplistic Stereotype Of Boys Who Are Primed To Imitate The Violence They See He Shows That, Rather Than Mimic, Boys Most Often Transform, Recombine, And Participate In Story Lines, And Resist, Mock, And Discern The Unreality Of Icons Of Popular Culture.Using A Mixture Of Memoir, Research Project, Cultural Analysis, And Critique Of Published Findings, Newkirk Encourages Schools To Ask Questions About What Counts As Literacy In Boys And What Doesn T, To Allow In Their Literacy Programs Boys Diverse Tastes, Values, And Learning Styles In Other Words, If We Want Boys To Join The Literacy Club, Then We Have To Invite Them In With Genres Of Their Own Choosing. I love this book on boys and literacy and violence and popular culture The first time I read it was for my M.Ed program This time I m using for my Ed.D But it s also just an awesome reminder of the diverse needs of boys in a mostly socially feminized content area It s a breath of fresh air I highl Really enjoyed this defense of non traditional literature in kids not just boys reading and writing Very readable for an academic book, too.I especially love Newkirk s reminder that kids are not without agency and critical thinking skills when it comes to the media they consume One of the most important skills students need and a recent study pointed out that they aren t getting, even in college , is critical thinking Being willing to talk to kids about whateve In a nutshell the message is don t discount low culture from boys writing Don t be threatened by violence in their stories they know the difference between fantasy and reality Don t always ask boys to write from life, instead of their rich fantasy worlds, often partly made up of computer games Don t underestimate the power of symbolic narratives like Starwars rather than the true life narratives that adults and literary types tend to prefer.I am not a total convert, but wholesomely s In a nutshell the message is don t discount low As I sat and watched my daughter s first grade classroom filled with boys, I wondered if the unique dynamics of the class could be addressed differently I think that Misreading Masculinity puts some of our fears about boys in school to rest It seems to suggest that it might benefit everyone to Closer to a 3.5, presents an important message about literacy and boys, including quite a bit about how writing and reading instruction isn t reflecting what we know about boys.This was written in 2002, so a lot of it feels dated, but so much of it unfort Probably the most dangerous mammal on the planet is the adolescent male Charles McCaffery, forensic psychiatrist So begins this book, a fascinating look at boys and literacy In the early 60s, there were lots of cowboy shows with guns in them Boys played cowboys and Indians I did But we always used toy guns, of course Was that bad I knew other boys who had BB guns, killed birds without a second thought I think that is the difference Playing adventure games and pretend kill This is an insightful work about boys and how they approach reading and writing Unfortunately, the work is so heavily grounded in popular cultural references that it feels a bit dated But that doesn t mean that Newkirk s points should be disregarded I especially appreciated Newkirk s research showing that children do have highly developed critical thinking skills, and are fully cognizant how v

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