Read ✓ Missing Witness (Chambers of Justice Series) By Craig Parshall –

Read ✓ Missing Witness (Chambers of Justice Series) By Craig Parshall – This legal thriller takes us back to Blackbeard the pirate days of old You can run, but you can t hide. Missing Witness Chambers Of Justice Series Kindle Epub Author Craig Parshall After A Nerve Shattering Encounter With Military Justice In The Accused, Craig Parshall S Third Novel, All Lawyer Will Chambers Wants To Do This Summer Is Relax With His Wife, Fiona A Long Stay On The North Carolina Coast Seems Perfect But When Will Reluctantly Looks Into A Local Inheritance Case Involving Jonathan Joppa, A Down On His Luck Preacher Piracy Charge Joppa S Ancestor Whatwhen Why, For Being Part Of Blackbeard S Pirate Crewin The Early 1700s Will Just Wants To Rest, But Fiona Keeps Insisting There S Something Missingburied Soon The Two Have Had A Near Fatal Brush With Smugglers And Together They Ve Unearthed The Truth About A Pirate S History, About Jonathan Joppa, And About Two Remarkable Women One In The Past, And One In The Present. This one meandered a little compared to the previous books in the series and the sense of drama was not as marked, but still not a bad book. There s no way one lawyer would try this variety of cases so early in his career if at all The whole premise of the entire series just seems a little too much of a stretch. A very cute, fast paced novel that had some quirky characters and a few surprises Actually liked everyone involved in the story except for Will s wife Fiona What a whiny, weak, needy woman I wanted to slap her and tell her to take charge of her own life and happiness She seemed a little on the dumb side too Don This suspense writer is wonderful How can one prove a 300 year old charge This had to do with piracy charges from 1718 and the treasure reputed to be still hidden and therefore to be found I couldn t put this book down It kept me up most of the night on a work night It was worth it

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