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!!> Read ➸ Monster: Living Off the Big Screen ➻ Author John Gregory Dunne – Submitalink.info In Hollywood, Screenwriters Are A Curse To Be Borne, And Beating Up On Them Is An Industry Blood Sport But In This Ferociously Funny And Accurate Account Of Life On The Hollywood Food Chain, It S A Screenwriter Who Gets The Last Murderous Laugh That May Be Because The Writer Is John Gregory Dunne, Who Has Written Screenplays, Along With Novels And Non Fiction, For Thirty Years In Dunne And His Wife, Joan Didion, Were Asked To Write A Screenplay About The Dark And Complicated Life Of The Late TV Anchorwoman Jessica Savitch Eight Years And Twenty Seven Drafts Later, This Script Was Made Into The Fairy Tale Up Close And Personal Starring Robert Redford And Michelle Pfeiffer Detailing The Meetings, Rewrites, Fights, Firings, And Distractions Attendant To The Making Of A Single Picture, Monster Illuminates The Process With Sagacity And Raucous Wit

10 thoughts on “Monster: Living Off the Big Screen

  1. Hank Stuever Hank Stuever says:

    As a Didion fan, I loved this deep dive into the tales of woe she and Dunne endured as Hollywood screenwriters script doctors This came out years before we dismissed such sagas as first world problems, but it s apt.

  2. Tony Perez-Giese Tony Perez-Giese says:

    This book makes screenwriters look like beggars on the street, but instead of asking for a quarter, they re begging for a quarter million dollars Although I think the intent of the book was to show how frustrating the screenwriting process can be when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, my takea

  3. Ian Carpenter Ian Carpenter says:

    So wrapped up with the minutia of screenwriter s lives hustling, endless drafts, rewrites for potential stars that I can t imagine why anyone who isn t a screenwriter would want to read it But then the content really, so much about drafts feels like the end of the day rants to a partner and sort of the l

  4. Mark Lattman Mark Lattman says:

    This is the story of Dunne and his wife Joan Didion writing the screenplay for Up Close and Personal, the 1996 movie that eventually starred Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer Since it took 8 years, like 40 script rewrites and evenscene revisions, even at a padded 200 pages andlike 175 due to each chapter

  5. Russell Sanders Russell Sanders says:

    John Gregory Dunne was a journalist, a writer of non fiction books, a novelist, and a screenwriter As a screenwriter, he was part of a team, he and his wife Joan Didion, also a journalist and novelist Together, they wrote some notable films, most notable perhaps was Barbra Streisand s version of A Star Is Born I

  6. Laura Connell Laura Connell says:

    The story is told over the eight years it took for the author and his wife, Joan Didion, to complete the screenplay for the film Up Close and Personal starring Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer I watched the film out of curiosity and it s cringe worthy, a saccharine romance full of cliches Apparently, the movie m

  7. Bill Bill says:

    Not everyone wants to know how the sausage is made But living in Los Angeles, the stories are all around us Every serving person has a dream to be on the big screen, every grocery bagger has a screeenplay Having seen the process of movie making at arms length, I wanted the screenwriters perspective and in this book, I g

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    You have to be really interested in how Hollywood works and screenwriting, specifically to love this book I was looking forhumor and personal reflection about the crazy process of turning a book about the tragedy of Jessica Savitch s life into a contemporary romance not about Jessica Savitch 8 years later.

  9. Marie Marie says:

    A very entertaining account of what it takes, from the screenwriter s point of view, to get a script translated to the screen A ton of patience, the ability to deal with truly sociopathic personalities, and, of course, writing talent Sometimes the name dropping got to be too much, but it was still a fun read.

  10. Cameron Cameron says:

    If you like true tales of Hollywood, or the writers experience, it s hard to go past this fab book, written by one half of the talented Dunnes, who were roped into what ended up being a gruelling and ridiculously long process of writing the screenplay for the film Up Close Personal It s fascinating and razor sharp and wonderful If

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