[Ebook] ➠ Muzzling My New Pup By Anita Rimmer – Submitalink.info

[Ebook] ➠ Muzzling My New Pup By Anita Rimmer – Submitalink.info Jonathan S Wife Beth Had Always Wanted A Puppy But She Didn T Want One Like Everyone Else Had, She Wanted Something Different Jonathan Finally Decides To Surprise Her One Day By Bringing Home A Newly Trained Pop, Straight From The Kennel Beth Is Surprised, Alright, Especially Since The Puppy Turns Out To Be A Muzzled Young Woman She Quickly Accepts The Idea And They Happily Welcome The New Puppy Into Their Home, And Between Their Legs WARNING This Word Story Contains Scenes Of Human Puppy Love, BDSM, Peanut Butter And Sexuality It Is Intended For Open Minded Adults Only Excerpt Good Girl, Beth Said, Running Her Hands Through The Girl S Hair Again And Scratching Her Behind The Ears The Girl Nuzzled Beth S Leg I Think She Likes Me, She Said Of Course, Why Wouldn T She, Jonathan Replied, Putting His Hand On His Wife S Knee And Giving It A Little Squeeze Well, After You Were So Rough With Her I Wasn T Sure If She D Be Afraid Of Me As Well You Have To Show A Dog Who Its Master Is, He Replied, Matter Of Factly Otherwise You Ll Never Get Any Obedience From Them Well I Think You Just Need To Show Them Love, His Wife Said In A Cute Little Voice, Using Both Hands Now To Rub The Girls Head Doggies Just Love To Be Scratched And Rubbed, Isn T That Right Oreo In Answer, The Puppy Nuzzled Harder Into Her Leg And Looked Up At Her, Panting With Her Tongue Out See She Likes It Good, Jonathan Said He Reached Over With One Of His Large Hands And Gave The Girl S Head And Neck A Rub Oreo Looked At Him Warily But Then Submitted To His Touch

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