10 thoughts on “My Father's Islands Abel Tasman's Heroic Voyages

  1. John Gough John Gough says:

    Reviewed by John Gough jagough49 gmail.comWhen I was in Primary school in the 1950s, The Australasian School Atlas J Barthlomew K.R Cramp, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 4th edition, 1958 , along with the Victorian Readers, the Victorian Arithmetic books, and the School Papers, was one of the few prescribed textbooks most students owned It included

  2. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    Once past the intrusive and irritating opening where Claesgen, Tasman s daughter, fires volley after volley of questions addressing the reader, this is a tantalising record of Abel Tasman s voyages Despite his exemplary seamanship and compassionate leadership, Tasman was a disappointment to his employers who said he was not adventurous enough He braved hazar

  3. Deb Deb says:

    Really enjoyed the book I knew very little about Abel Tasman Life on board the ship was well written and revealing I now need to readabout the Dutch East India Company to give me a bigger picture.Love the idea that the author got her inspiration for the story when she saw the portrait of Abel Tasman and his wife and child.

  4. Mrs Child Mrs Child says:

    Well written story told by the daughter of Abel Tasman, all about his voyages and the living conditions Real historical novel.

  5. Nella Nella says:

    Found the author s voice to be intrusive and the book felt didactic It s a pity as I ve enjoyed many of her other books.

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