10 thoughts on “My Fathers Islands Abel Tasmans Heroic Voyages

  1. John Gough John Gough says:

    Reviewed by John Gough jagough49 gmail.comWhen I was in Primary school in the 1950s, The Australasian School Atlas J Barthlomew K.R Cramp, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 4th edition, 1958 , along with the Victorian Readers, the Victorian Arithmetic books, and the School Papers, was one of the few prescribed textbooks most stud...

  2. Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton says:

    Once past the intrusive and irritating opening where Claesgen, Tasman s daughter, fires volley after volley of questions addressing the reader, this is a tantalising record of Abel Tasman s voyages Despite his exemplary seamanship and compassionate leadership, Tasman was a disappointment to his employers who said he was not adventurous enough He braved hazar

  3. Deb Deb says:

    Really enjoyed the book I knew very little about Abel Tasman Life on board the ship was well written and revealing I now need to readabout the Dutch East India Company to give me a bigger picture.Love the idea that the author got her inspiration for the story when ...

  4. Mrs Child Mrs Child says:

    Well written story told by the daughter of Abel Tasman, all about his voyages and the living conditions Real historical novel.

  5. Nella Nella says:

    Found the author s voice to be intrusive and the book felt didactic It s a pity as I ve enjoyed many of her other books.

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