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My Life Hereafter ePUB Ñ My Life  Kindle - Ebook They have made a huge mistake She should be on the other side Everything looks the same, as it was when Sunel was still only a human being Everything is exactly the same, as before that day, which she can now only vaguely remember The day her school bus ran over the cliff The day she and most of her fellow students ended up here The twins, Mark and David, were also on the bus, but David did not come here with them David was sent across the valley to the other side Mark convinces Sunel to help him find his brother, no matter what the dangers might be

10 thoughts on “My Life Hereafter

  1. Marcia Carrington Marcia Carrington says:

    This is an original, highly readable examination of life and death, with excellent pacing, and twists which keep the story vital until the very end The story s protagonist, Sunel, pulls a prank one day on the school bus which plunges herself, and her classmates, into the hereafter, and, subsequently, a journey of self discovery and realisation It is a story

  2. Grace Hudson Grace Hudson says:

    Great story for YA readers The story starts off with an air of mystery, then slowly reveals layers deeper into the story I found it an imaginative take on the afterlife and the romance was cute as well Recommended for young readers with an interest in the afterlife, love and redemption.

  3. Deborah Walker Deborah Walker says:

    Uniquely enlighteningI believe the intended audience for this book is young adults and although I am well past that classification, I found this author very appealing As I had never read this author before, I was quite skeptical that this read would grasp my attention Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the ease in which I became engrossed in this book, but I fou

  4. Jolene Huber Jolene Huber says:

    Take me to the other side This story that in many ways is a tragedy, but you see a lot of good come from it It is about a terrible bus crash and the fates of the kids aboard It really isn t a religious book More a book about second chances And learning from mistakes

  5. Amie& Amie& says:

    novel that imagines a possible scenario of just what is waiting for us in the afterlife.When young teenager Sunel finds herself and sixty of her former classmates have died, she is initially in a state of shock To make matters worse, she is the reason the bus crashed This means she is the reason everyone is dead As the shock wears off she finds herself in a world that is ve

  6. Gypsy Madden Gypsy Madden says:

    This is a hard book to review It is chock full of Christian ideas, which I did expect with a title like Hereafter Some of the ideas were rather corny and cartoonish, like the devil on her shoulder, which just felt like a cheap excuse to blame someone outside of herself for her bad decisions It felt cartoony in that it was a being on her shoulder actually talking to her rather t

  7. LitPick Book Reviews LitPick Book Reviews says:

    She only wanted to play a small prank She never imagined what the consequences of her actions would be Sunel is an average teenager that desperately seeks the attention of others When a seemingly harmless prank goes awry, a school bus driving Sunel and her classmates dives off a cliff Sunel wakes to a confusing afterlife where she and her classmates must learn not only to forgive e

  8. Lilac Reviews Lilac Reviews says:

    There were some very nice descriptions in this book that evoke a mood and various settings Here is an example I thought was particularly visual Giant tears are running down her cheeks and her eyes are puffy and red The rest of her face has gone pallid white, so now her eyes looks as if they are bleeding This book has some serious themes and ideas following on an opening tragedy Despite

  9. Christie M. Stenzel Christie M. Stenzel says:

    An interesting and engaging story In my opinion, a great book will take you there and make you feel like you re part of the story You become emotionally invested and root for the characters and for the desired outcome Most importantly, you definitely want to keep reading because you just have to know what happens next This book did all of those things for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it fro

  10. Cathy McGough Cathy McGough says:

    This book captured my imagination from the very first sentence The characters are all together, but they don t know where The main character Sunel, reveals the story from her perspective She as the story moves ahead, is quite frankly not a very likeable character I won t give away any clues, but once it is revealed what she did and why everyone is where they are it is difficult as a reader to

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