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[ Epub ] ➟ Frygt og Bæven Author Søren Kierkegaard – Submitalink.info It seems to me that after reading Fear and Trembling that all of my thinking on faith lies within Kierkegaard Which isn t to claim that I understand his arguments but that his arguments have come to dominate the way I think about the issues.Curiously although Kierkegaard s voice comes at us from the margins he seems oddly part of a broad current of nineteenth century writing, Dostoevsky, if he cold have got past the author being a non Russian and a Lutheran would have agreed with the emphasis on faith alone I feel Though then again I can be no adequate reader of Kierkegaard as he reveals himself only through a nest of alternative identities as though engaging in plausible deniability, or hide and seek, with the reader.I think I read this first, and then was brought back to it several times by reading Dostoevsky seriously in my 20s a To contend with the whole world is a comfort, but to contend with oneself is dreadful Fear and Trembling is Kierkegaard s astonishingly dexterous analysis of faith via the Old Testament story of Abraham and IsaacAnd it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of Genesis 22 1 According to Kierkegaard, Abraham was a true knight of faith He didn t merely resign himself to losing his son, but instead believed that Isaac wouldn t actually be harmed He had faith based on the strength of the absurd, or in spite of the fact that it made no rational sense to do so Kierkegaard contended that Abraham s belief in this undeniable absurdity elevated him to the highest plane of faith one can possibly hope to attain.Kierkegaard then made an apparently simple yet really rather profound point Abraham s decision to make a leap of faith could not concern itself with the OUTCOME of that leapSurely anyone w In Ti E Tre Kierkegaard Tenta Di Rispondere All Angoscioso Dilemma Della Rinuncia, Il Sacrificio Richiesto Dalla Ragione La Dimensione Del Silenzio E Dell Assurdo Pieno Di Solitudine E Di Sofferenza Della Fede, Che Comincia L , Appunto, Dove La Ragione Finisce Raccontando La Storia Di Abramo E La Paradossalit Del Sacrificio Del Figlio Isacco Che Gli Viene Chiesto Da Dio, Kierkegaard Mostra La Radicalit Dell Atteggiamento Religioso Una Rassegnazione Infinita E Un Credere Nell Assurdo Che Inducono L Autore A Porre Il Problema Del Rapporto Dell Individuo Con Il Tempo E La Realt , E A Sviluppare L Idea Dell Unione Di Necessit E Libert , Di Finito E Infinito, Realizzata Nell Io. view spoiler hide spoiler It is not an exaggeration to say that Fear and Trembling 1843 was a challenging piece for me to to read, maybe being someone of no religious faith had something to do with it Kierkegaard Johannes de silentio compounds the essential difficulty that lies within the theme of the work, the Akedah, through choosing an alternative pseudonym to praise Abraham as a knight of faith and examine his movements That the pseudonym s perspective is shrouded in silence seemingly precludes any clear and straightforward understanding of this work Ultimately, whether Kierkegaard s Johannes de silentio is to be read with irony or edification appears as undecidable as whether we should view Abraham as a murderous madman who in contrast to Nietzsche s madman proclaiming the death of god proclaims a living god who has commanded the death of his son and then later a ram, or the great father of faith He goes over the story of Abraham and Isaac and can make no sense of it he concludes that faith must be a leap in the dark Take the leap he seems to say and God will catch . 68 I was going to write that I still come back to this book, even ten years after reading it for the first time But that s not quite true What is true is that this book has never really left me it has worked itself into my psyche and become an automatic philosophical reference point for my life Kierkegaard s discussion of faith versus resignation is an exhileration to read His unfolding of the concept of the absurd in t Many readers come to read this book via the Hegel pathway Or at least realize that a Hegel preamble is required And most probably such a preamble is indispensable.Alas, I came to it through a side door As an attendant of a cycle of lectures given at the Prado Museum on the Bible Old Testament and Art, I listened, and looked, in fascination to the expos of one of the Speakers He examined the myth of Abraham and the Sacrifice of his beloved son Isaac.After portraying what he considered an utterly unethical behavior in the part of Abraham he presented Kierkegaard s ideas as the only way to approach the dreadful myth For it cannot be understood.For such is the nature of Paradox.Abraham was no Agamemnon There was no heroism in his act Agamemnon was driven by duty Abraham by faith Agamemnon could hate his own act but overcome his hatred and announce the intended outcome Abraham, as the Knight of Faith could not doubt a single instant He had to want to kill his son, while loving him dearly, because Frygt og B ven fear and trembling, S ren Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling original Danish title Frygt og B ven is a philosophical work by S ren Kierkegaard, published in 1843 under the pseudonym Johannes de silentio John of the Silence Kierkegaard wanted to understand the anxiety that must have been present in Abraham when God tested him and said to him, take Isaac, your only son, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering on the mountain that I shall show you Abraham had a choice to complete the task or to refuse to comply to God s orders He resigned himself to the three and a half day journey and to the loss of his son He said nothing to Sarah, nothing to Eliezer Who, after all, could understand him, for did not the nature of temptation extract from him a pledge of silence He split the firew

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