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➽ Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung Download ➺ Author Ludwig Wittgenstein – Submitalink.info . Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Logical Philosophical Treatise Treatise on Logic and Philosophy, Ludwig WittgensteinThe Tractatus Logico Philosophicus abbreviated and cited as TLP is the only book length philosophical work by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein that was published during his lifetime 1921 The project had a broad goal to identify the . Hmmmhow to rate a book you didn t understand at all that is the question Maybe like this 1 Here the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus is everything that is the case.1.1 It is the case because it is the subject of this review 1.11 This review is determined by facts In this case, all the facts that I came up with while reading the case.1.12 The subject cannot include facts that are not the case because the totality of existent facts determines what is the case, and whatever is not the case.1.121 What is not the case cannot be named because it did not occur and cannot be a state of affairs.1.2 What is the case a fact is the existence of states of affairs.2 An interpretation of facts is a thought.2.1 Only logical thoughts can exist.2.11 What is logical can be thought.2.112 What can be thought is logical.2.2 What can be thought is the totality of states of affairs.2.3 While readin Get your P s and Q s ready, folks, because we re in for the ride of our lives Or not.Wittgenstein was living proof that androids were around and functioning during WWI That at least this single android had a sense of humor dry enough to turn the Mariana Trench into the Mojave Desert, too.Or was this a joke at all Let s see.Most of the numbered propositions were imminently clear and devoted to a single purpose describing reality.Language is the big limiter, which should never be a big surprise, but he insists that all reality that is, can be explained clearly Unfortunately, Wittgenstein, the big brilliant man that he is, was fundamentally incapable of describing or CLEARLY STATING his philosophy Or using any object in his philosophy for the purposes of further elucidation.The resulting numbered tracts and use of Formal Logic were used to numb the biological minds reading it but there is good news It did help out with the translation problems for future AIs reviewing this work Difficult to read You have no idea Really Or perhaps you do if you use chalkboards But THIS work of philosophy is the target for that old joke What s the difference between a mathematician and a philosopher Mathematicians know how to use an eraser Like many young American readers, I made the mistake of reading the bulk of this text in an In N Out, and now it is difficult for me to think about elementary propositions without thinking about someone ordering a cheeseburger, and, subsequently, thinkin I was just going to write, Of what we cannot speak we must remain silent, as my review The book ends with this rather affected proposition, which actually would make a perfect book review for me as well However, it s an abomination to read or pretend to have done so a book of this stature supposedly the most important philosophical book of the 20th century, no less and not write a paragraph or two about it.Wittgenstein wrote this book in the trenches and P.O.W camps of World War I At the beginning of the book he says Perhaps this book will be understood only by someone who has himself already had the thoughts that are expressed in it That was bad news for me right from the beginning I don t think I ve ever had such lofty thoughts not even close.I would have given this book one star and declared it a heap of pompous and pretentious intellectual chicanery, but Wittgenstein is not to be slighted You see, someone like Bertrand Russell, whose genius I recognize, was so impressed by this Wittgenstein dude that he gave up mathematical logic just because Wittgenstein told him so This was after Russell had spent years on writing Principia Mathematica and trying to defend logic and set theory against the sort of paradoxes of which Russell s paradox is the most famous one Russell said that he couldn 6.52 Nosotros sentimos que incluso sitodas las posibles cuestiones cient ficaspudieran responderse, el problema denuestra vida no habr a sido m sprofundizado Desde luego que no queda yaninguna pregunta, y precisamente sta esla respuesta.6.521 La soluci n del problema de la vidaest en la desaparici n de este problema No es sta la raz n de que loshombres que han llegado a ver claro elsentido de la vida despu s de muchodudar, no sepan decir en qu consiste estesentido 6.522 Hay, ciertamente, lo inexpresable,lo que se muestra a s mismo esto es lom stico.6.53 El verdadero m todo de la filosof aser a propiamente ste no decir nada,sino aquello que se puede decir es decir,las proposiciones de la ciencia natural algo, pues, que no tiene nada que ver conla filosof a y siempre que alguienquisiera decir algo de car cter metaf sico,demostrarle que no ha dado significado aciertos signos en sus proposiciones Estem todo dejar a desconte Wittgenstein was deathly afraid of uttering nonsense whereas I, clearly, am not how else could I stomach writing so many book reviews This book is a work of high art beautiful, austere, and sweeping Wittgenstein is self consciously attempting to speak the unspeakable in his opinion, at least which is why the language is so succinct and severe He has no use for literary niceties, flowing prose, or extended exposition One gets the feeling that, for Wittgenstein, writing philosophy is repugnant, akin to unclogging a toilet, something he would like to get over with as soon as possible.Come to think of it, the toilet metaphor is especially apt Wittgenstein honestly thinks that the whole of Western philosophy has been literally nonsense, and wishes to free the pipes of thought from all the years of accumulated filth And the coup de gr ce is that, after condemning the philosophical tradition, he condemns his own work The Tractatus is almost meant to be like a purgative you swallow it just to spit everything back up.Wittgenstein has fully mastered the precept that the time one spends arguing a point, the less likely that point seems His conclusions are so sweeping, his sentences so forceful, that one is tempted to unthinkingly agree with him Nevertheless, after some consideration, I doubt that many people accept his conclusions I don t In fact, Wittgenstein s aforementioned fear of saying something nonsensical What can I say about Tractatus that hasn t been said a million times before Crystalline gnomic dense wrong Well, I don t disagree with any of that, but it would be nice to have an image I ask my subconscious if it can come up with anything, and while I m in the shower it shows me the sequence from Terry Gilliam s 1988 movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, where John Neville and Eric Idle build a hot air balloon made entirely from women s lingerie.I am about to smack my subconscious upside the head for its appalling presumption, but suddenly I see that it could have a point Hm, yes, you are first struck by the amazing chutzpah of the idea, and then you are convinced that it can t possibly fly, but somehow it does It s obviously crazy, but also quite unforgettabl

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