10 thoughts on “අපේ ගම

  1. Rangitha Kuruppu Rangitha Kuruppu says:

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  2. Samodh Samodh says:

    Wickramasinghe gives an idyllic presentation of Sri Lankan rural southern province childhood craftily mingled with that of his own in this book A must read if you study Sri Lankan culture practically.

  3. Tharanga Gunasinghe Tharanga Gunasinghe says:

    depict the culture of southern coastal belt.

  4. Mesh Umesh Mesh Umesh says:

    The explanation of the situations are amazing.not a novel and not a short story but this describe every corner and thoughts of nature which everyone should learn and admire the life in village.

  5. Isumi Bandara Isumi Bandara says:

    This is very interesting book This book also wrote Mr.Martin Wickramasinghe Remember one time I was discuss about writer Mr.Martin Wickramasinghe and this is about that book in Sri Lankan Language Sinhala , ,Ape Gama means in English lang

  6. Christina Christina says:

    I first read this little gem of a book when I was 11 or so and absolutely enjoyed it The book took me to a place that simply cannot be put to words Now, I m 24 and felt the same childish excitement and happiness when I saw this at the book fair thi

  7. Ravindu Gimhana Ravindu Gimhana says:

    it is good story book

  8. C.v.reader C.v.reader says:

    this is a great book

  9. Judith Gunawardena Judith Gunawardena says:

    I read the novel in my childhood Again I like to read it.

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