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[PDF] ❤ Nightingales  ⚣ Gillian Gill – Submitalink.info PDF Epub Nightingales Author Gillian Gill Petrasrobert.eu Florence Nightingale Was For A Time The Most Famous Woman In Britain If Not The World We Know Her Today Primarily As A Saintly Character, Perhaps As A Heroic Reformer Of Britain S Health Care System The Reality Is Involved And Far Fascinating In An Utterly Beguiling Narrative That Reads Like The Best Victorian Fiction, Acclaimed Author Gillian Gill Tells The Story Of This Richly Complex Woman And Her Extraordinary Family.Born To An Adoring Wealthy, Cultivated Father And A Mother Whose Conventional Facade Concealed A Surprisingly Unfettered Intelligence, Florence Was Connected By Kinship Or Friendship To The Cream Of Victorian England S Intellectual Aristocracy Though Moving In A World Of Ease And Privilege, The Nightingales Came From Solidly Middle Class Stock With Deep Traditions Of Hard Work, Natural Curiosity, And Moral Clarity So It Should Have Come As No Surprise To William Edward And Fanny Nightingale When Their Younger Daughter, Florence, Showed An Early Passion For Helping Others Combined With A Precocious Bent For Power Far Problematic Was Florence S Inexplicable Refusal To Marry The Well Connected Richard Monckton Milnes As Gill So Brilliantly Shows, This Matrimonial Refusal Was At Once An Act Of Religious Dedication And A Cry For Her Freedom As A Woman And As A Leader Florence S Later Insistence On Traveling To The Crimea At The Height Of War To Tend To Wounded Soldiers Was All But Incendiary Especially For Her Older Sister, Parthenope, Whose Frustration At Being In The Shade Of Her Charismatic Sibling Often Led To Illness Florence Succeeded Beyond Her Wildest Dreams But At The Height Of Her Celebrity, At The Age Of Thirty Seven, She Retired To Her Bedroom And Remained There For Most Of The Rest Of Her Life, Allowing Visitors Only By Appointment.Combining Biography, Politics, Social History, And Consummate Storytelling, Nightingales Is A Dazzling Portrait Of An Amazing Woman, Her Difficult But Loving Family, And The High Victorian Era They So Perfectly Epitomized Beautifully Written, Witty, And Irresistible, Nightingales Is Truly A Tour De Force From The Hardcover Edition.

10 thoughts on “Nightingales

  1. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    A terrific biography of Florence Nightingale and her family, from a feminist perspective It s the kind of detailed biography I love, with little side trips into politics of the day, family history, and military detail.At the age of 17 FN had a religious experience that convinced her she was to have a life of service to God From that point, she sought to be trained as a nurse or in the administr...

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I cannot tell you how suprised I am to have liked this as much as I did Before picking up this book, I had little knowledge and less interest in the saintly nursing pioneer and got the book only because I had enjoyed another Victorian era biography by the author, Gillian Gill We Two Victoria and Albert, Rules, Partners, Rivals As it turns out, Nightingale is actually an incredibly fascinating figure brilliant, highly

  3. Florence Millo Florence Millo says:

    Nightingales by Gillian GillThis very well researched and documented biography of Florence Nightingale gives the reader an intimate look into the family, the culture, and the times that shaped the life and character of Florence Nightingale The author pulls extensively from the voluminous correspondence to and from Miss Nightingale to give a fuller, richer portrait of the Lady with the Lamp The severe restrictions on Vi

  4. Annette Annette says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Excellent read for many reasons, though primarily a view into a woman s world where she sacrifices artifice of life for punishing hours of nursing What makes the book worth reading is the struggle Nightingale had with parental control and the period restrictions on a woman s...

  5. Katrice Katrice says:

    I quite enjoyed this biography of Florence Nightingale Gill takes the tactic of explaining this extraordinary woman by taking a look at one of the major forces that shaped her, her relationship with her not quite conventional but still very much of their time, Victorian family.Growing up, Florence and her sister were both encouraged to be extraordinary , wayeducated and worldly than many other girls and young women of the

  6. Karen Karen says:

    I thought this was a wonderful biography about Florence Nightingale I ve wanted to read a book about her for the longest time, and I found the information about her upbringing and her relationship with her parents and her sister very informative I cannot imagine being a woman back in those times If you were poor, you worked hard and you died, often in childbirth If you were wealthy you were severely limited in what you could

  7. Margaret M. Margaret M. says:

    I have not been a reader of biographies when younger, but now that I ammature, and because I have always loved history, I am reading at least one biography a year, about persons who I may only have a general knowledge of What a GREAT biography this was to read Chapter notes, annotations, detailed, and written like a novel you almost forget you are reading someone s life history I know little about the Crimean War, but I did kn

  8. Connie Connie says:

    I trudged, I crawled, I wormed my way through the first 300 pagesand then it got interesting, really interesting and yes, it was worth the effort to arrive at a Florence Nightingale who was whole and real, not just the mystical Lady of the Lamp To read what this one woman accomplished in her lifetime makes the rest of us look like slugs Her behind the scenes activities were notable, her ability to deal with people of all backgro

  9. Kelsey Yates Kelsey Yates says:

    Well researched, thoughtful conclusions I couldn t keep the timeline straight, which made character development difficult to follow The ending was not satisfying.

  10. Emily Emily says:

    No nurse s historical background is complete without reading about Florence Nightingale I personally didn t know much about her, just that she was considered the founder of nursing, and that she was known as the Lady with the Lamp The book begins with a detailed genealogy of Flo s parents and their familie...

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