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Paperback  Ý Nine Cuts ePUB ñ Shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prizefor English FictionAudrey Chin writes to share her world, imaginary and otherwise In this anthology, she offers the beating hearts of a cannibal picking up a ghoul at Tekka market, a Vietnamese American grieving in Alaska, an HDB cleaner s love for her brother and his D predicting dragon fish, a Districtteenager coming to grips with her Catholic grandfather s legacy Poignant slices of heart tender, done and spoiled

10 thoughts on “Nine Cuts

  1. Tamara✨ Tamara✨ says:

    I didn t hate this book but I also didn t love it Most of the stories are either sad or a bit spooky, which obviously makes sense when you take into consideration what the title of the anthology is and the cover art It definitely helps to understand or relate to the storiesif you understand the cultural context in which they come from, that is to say, if you have either lived in or been to Singapore, you re likely to feelwhile reading

  2. Billie Low Billie Low says:

    Nine Cuts comprised of many short stories filled with both reality and fantasy As much as I enjoyed Chin s writing style and her way with words, I am not one for such short stories The short stories each had so much potential but with it being a short story, they were kept short and therefore caused a series of questions in me Nonetheless, this is definitely not a bad read It is just a read for acquired tastes.

  3. Isabelle Isabelle says:

    It was certainly an interesting read, super unique and never like anything I ve ever read before The stories were short and easy to read but left me quite confused a little context would have helped The concept of the book 3 stories being tender, 3 stories being well done and 3 stories being spoiled is intriguing and plays well into the general idea of the short stories I don t think that this is a book for everyone but for me, I enjoyed reading it

  4. Eunice Ying Ci Eunice Ying Ci says:

    The Dragon Fish was my favourite and it made me laugh The Hit, A Lover of Story, The Watcher are also particularly memorable Would love to see these made into short films They were peculiar, surprising, bold, and utterly refreshing I reckon I have a love for extremities since the stories I like are either tender or spoiled, none of them very palatable well done.

  5. Brook Brook says:

    Yow These stories are sharp, sad, and often hilarious There s a lot of heart here, and I really want to read Audrey ChinAlso yay for butch hawkers trying to hang out with trans lady sex workers.

  6. Ryu Ryu says:

    Another case of it s not you it s me.

  7. Paco Paco says:

    Brief and effective short stories Very well constructed snapshots, like instat photos, showing scenes of Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the US and the Netherlands The author does a fantastic job of revealing very slowly, almost cryptically, what is happenning in the story It is like randomly solving a puzzle When in the end the whole scene can be seen, it is at times unsettling, at times pedestrian, but always possessing an intrinsic, strange beauty Unfortunately, some of the s

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