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No Regrets PDF/EPUB ñ Paperback Orlando, Count of Madelaine, Consort of the Emperor, and cokeeper of the keys to the Gates of Time, begins his story on a day when he lived as a count in a French chateau on Earth A future Earth, much of which is a living museum, as is his region of Madelaine His life is perfect, he is naturally promiscuous, and so are most residents of MadelaineThen, in this perfect society, a young woman is found dead murdered And it s Count Orlando s job to determine how she died and who was responsible The decisions Orlando makes when he finally discovers the truth will force him to leave MadelaineHe moves into the present real world for a while but shortly is able to live out a childhood dream and become one of those in the first group to meet with the race of intelligent aliens who have just been discoveredWhat Orlando, a lonely man now searching for purpose in his life, does as part of that first contact group takes him into the heart of an alien civilization and changes the fate of not only humanity, but one day will also change the future for all the inhabitants of the galaxyIn this memoir Orlando talks about only the private parts of his own life since the day the woman was murdered As he says, he does not talk of battle fleets and the fall of powerful families, he talks about what has become of him because of decisions he made, and can never regret making and of love and duty

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  1. Glenkes Glenkes says:

    A cleverly devised world combining medieval france with far into the future and on another planet that is both intelligently and sensually written and emotionally charged.

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