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[Read] ➼ Nothing's Sacred ➹ Lewis Black – Submitalink.info Comedian Lewis Black Unleashes His Trademark Subversive Wit While Recounting His Own Life Story In His New York Times Bestselling MemoirYou Ve Seen Him On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Offering Up His Trademark Angry Observational Humor On Everything From Politics To Pop Culture You Ve Seen His Energetic Stand Up Performances On HBO, Comedy Central, And In Venues Across The Globe Now, For The First Time, Lewis Black Translates His Volcanic Eruptions Into Book Form In Nothing S Sacred, A Collection Of Rants Against Stupidity And Authority, Which Oftentimes Go Hand In Hand With Subversive Wit And Intellectual Honesty, Lewis Examines The Events Of His Life That Shaped His Antiauthoritarian Point Of View And Developed His Comedic Perspective Growing Up In S Suburbia When Father Knew Best And There Was A Sitcom To Prove It, He Began To Regard Authority With A Jaundiced Eye At An Early Age And As That Sentiment Grew Stronger With Each Passing Year, So Did His Ability To Hone In On The Absurd True To Form, He Puts Common Sense Above Ideology And Distills Hilarious, Biting Commentary On All Things Politically And Culturally Relevant No One Is Safe From Lewis Black S Comic Missiles New York Times You Have Been Warned

10 thoughts on “Nothing's Sacred

  1. Michael Thoeresz Michael Thoeresz says:

    This book is much better than I expected I thought it would be cheap shots on conservatives throughout and that does exist But mainly it s just funny All suburbs are identical The houses may vary in size and design, but the game is the same Everyone has the feeling that they are living in a special place,

  2. Matthew Matthew says:

    Lewis Black is one of my favorite comics, although I worry about his blood pressure If you like his comedy, then this is probably worth a read.

  3. Tom Schulte Tom Schulte says:

    The bonus material added is largely a play written by Black at the start of his career I think he is a better comedian than playwright, as I am sure he would agree This is basically a memoir of growing up in the turbulent 60s, becoming disillusioned with government, college, drama, and well becoming Lewis Black as we kno

  4. Ben Ben says:

    I ve had this sitting around for a few years, as it was a present from my daughter I think I finally got around to reading it Consider it a book equivalent of a summer popcorn movie entertaining at best, but not very substantial.And that s a shame I think he s the best stand up comic currently practicing, or at least in the top

  5. Adrian Adrian says:

    Amazingly thought provoking and amusing while also bitter sweet at times, this book was a strange choice as I don t usually look into the biographical section, but I ve found Lewis Black s comedy to be to my taste, so I figured why not Well, the book is insightful It encourages you to look at the things we take for granted from a less t

  6. Beth Beth says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Lewis Black live and the privilege of meeting him after the show and he is one of the smartest, wittiest, sharpest comics around I love his no holds barred attitude and his candor.

  7. KarmA1966 KarmA1966 says:

    I d listen to Lewis Black read the phone book His rants are legendary and in fine form here What I didn t expect, and was pleasantly surprised to find, was a sweet, almost sugary, heart at the center of his cynicism Nothing is sacred indeed.

  8. Alex Alex says:

    I love Lewis Black He s one of my favorite comedians This book is hilarious.

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    I never realized he was such a well read nerd in addition to the anger.

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    A very funny, insightful audiobook perfect for a road trip.

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