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[Reading] ➷ Oh, the Meetings You'll Go To!: A Parody Author Dr. Suits – Submitalink.info Every Young Grad Needs This Fun, Snarky Primer For The Real World You Ll Meet The World S Brightest, You Ll Hang With The BestAnd Now That You Ve Met Them, You Ll Work With The Rest If You Re Looking For An Inspirational Book For Young People Starting Life S Great Adventure, You Probably Want To Read Dr Seuss S Oh, The Places You Ll Go But Before Your First Day Of Actual Work, You Need To Meet Dr Suits For A Dose Of Reality You Won T Learn This Stuff In High School, College, Or Gift Books By World Famous Authors But Fear Not With His Unique Blend Of Hilarious Verse And Images, Dr Suits Can Help Young Grads Get A Handle On What S Really About To Hit Them Oh, The Meetings You Ll Go To Is A Brutally Honest, And Ultimately Uplifting, Take On The Struggles Of Post Grad Life That Every 20 Something Will Relate To.Tough Love Never Made You Laugh So Hard.

10 thoughts on “Oh, the Meetings You'll Go To!: A Parody

  1. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Anyone who has ever worked in a large corporation will smile at this parody of work and how we must all reevaluate or expectations as time goes by very funny

  2. Roger Smitter Roger Smitter says:

    The author of this very short book provides a number of laughs to help new college grads who are making the adjustment from the college classroom to a job that requires meetings In some ways, the book is the anti theme of Dr Seuss As someone who taught courses in small group dynamics and organizational behav

  3. Makayla Makayla says:

    Shout out to bekah for sending me this, I love it It s the perfect amount of Dr Suess nostalgia meets millennial humor.

  4. Theresa Hildebrand Theresa Hildebrand says:

    Seussical parodies should be great fun this one falls short, yawn yawn, ho hum.Colorful creatures indeed are inside such high hopes as pages I turned with a glide Not Horton, Not Yertle, Not Cindy Lou Who would approve of this tale neither should you If one wants to Seuss, then Seuss you should do but make sure your Seussing

  5. Emma Emma says:

    I saw this book at the library on the shelf and started reading it It s actually a book to read not even in one sitting, but in one standing, lol It s really funny, but is certainly not very hopeful if you are a young person near the end of College, ready to launch into real life and work

  6. Pat Pat says:

    Styled after Dr Seuss Oh, the Places You ll Go , this is a cute little read that takes a somewhat humorous look at making one s way in corporate life Perfect for the college grad.

  7. Meghan Meghan says:

    Really cute Would be a great gift for college graduates

  8. Cristine Williams Cristine Williams says:

    Humorous verses and delightful images make one laugh..tough love and inspiration as young people begin their first adventure in the working world

  9. Freddy Freddy says:

    The zanily illustrated and worthy, if sobering, parody of the Seuss classic definitely makes the better college graduation gift.

  10. Bekka Bekka says:

    Kind of dumb Obviously this is aimed at recent grads, and its a parody of our beloved Dr Seuss, but I felt like it really falls flat The rhymes are not that clever and the overall concept gives a pretty limited and stereotypical view of what the job market is like I realize this is just a light piece of fluff humor aimed at the millennials, but for me it was not that entertainin

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