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!!> PDF ✬ Pixie #2 ✪ Author Willow Nonea Rae – Submitalink.info Thrilled To See Her Brother Out Of Harm S Way, Liyelu Hopes Jorn And Her New Love Will Bond, But Jorn Has A Secret Which Endangers Dek S Rescue Efforts, Alliances, And Reputation He Never Wanted To Leave The Tank, And He Fully Intends To Go Back Jorn S Distant Attitude Begins To Make Sense When He Takes An Opportunity To Escape, And Liyelu Finds A Love Letter Left Behind Written To His Beloved The Sire S Son Pel Terrified That The Rogues Will Abuse Jorn Once They Have Him Back In Their Tanks, Liyelu Is Faced With A Terrible Choice Go After Him And Abandon Dek, Or Stay And Grow To Resent Her Lover For Cutting Her Ties With Her Brother

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