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[Epub] ↠ Poor Little Rich Slum  Author Rashmi Bansal – Submitalink.info One Little Two Little Three Little Indians, Four Little Five Little Six Little Indians, Seven Little Eight Little Nine Little Indians One Million Little Indian Entrepreneurs These Are The Stories Of The Little People Who Make Up The Big Idea Of Dharavi A Slum Of Energy, Enterprise And Hope Where Every Hand Is Busy, Every Head Held High Where People Could Be Miserable But Choose To Be Happy A Choice Each Of Us Can Make.

10 thoughts on “Poor Little Rich Slum

  1. Ravi Jain Ravi Jain says:

    To become a great non fiction author you need a mind boggling subject, you have to do exhaustive research and you need such jargons in your book that people seldom understand Read Rashmi Bansal s books and you ll realise that all that is just a myth Who imagined that one can be...

  2. Fred Rose Fred Rose says:

    I ve been to Dharavi a couple of times and worked in other Mumbai slums, it s good to see a book talk about the positive sides of these communities But in the end, this is just a short summary of businesses and people, seemingly geared towards the Indian middle class that drives by these slums every day and are discovering that there is a real economy there Key points of dialogue are in Hindi so that probably hurts my inte

  3. Sahana Srikanth Sahana Srikanth says:

    So this was a fascinating read to someone who has almost never heard of Dharavi, which is the largest slum in Mumbai, but is a hotbed of entrepreneurship and social initiatives The pros of the book are the wide variety of people and their stories introduced in this book, which is characteristic of Rashmi Bansal And there is a peek into the Dharavi slum which is almost a self sustaining ecosystem, an overgrown monster on valuable rea

  4. Alokmahajan Alokmahajan says:

    Dharavi is a cauldron bubbling with enterprise, with a never say die attitude With spirit and spunk I have been in exile for quite a long time One day I suddenly watched amazing blog of my friend Jimmy Jay and thought I should also pen down something Recently I brought the fourth book written by Rashmi Bansal Poor Little Rich Slum I ordered the book alo...

  5. Lubna Lubna says:

    Just one word to begin with This book is a MUST READ it is brilliantly written and is accompanied by stunning photographs When overseas visitors land in Mumbai, they appear shocked at the slums which they spot along the highway en route from the airport Why, even visitors from other parts of India tend to stare open mouthed and ask How do these people live within the four walls of plastic sheets or rusty tin sheets And most of us pucca Mumbaikars i.e l

  6. Shail Raghuvanshi Shail Raghuvanshi says:

    The book, Poor Little Rich Slum is a great valiant effort in bringing to the forefront what urban dwellers in cities would rather hastily sweep under the carpet The book writes about not just any slum but a place where .a cauldron is bubbling with enterprise, with a never say die attitude With spirit and spunk It writes about Ten by ten feet rooms occupied by eight member families with barely enough space to stretch their legs Stove in one corner, TV in another

  7. Sumit Singla Sumit Singla says:

    Squalor Filth Disease Crime And manywords come to mind to describe Dharavi, especially to the upwardly mobile Indian Wrongly called by some as the largest slum in the world unfortunately, there are larger slums all over the world and even in Asia However, this book through a great narrative, talks about the enterprising nature of the citizens of Dharavi who, despite sharing spaces as small as 250 square feet with 14 15 other people, display amazing levels of entrepreneurs

  8. Veena Veena says:

    The outsider is blind to the drudgery of Dharavi He chooses to see a colorful, chaotic, creatively inspirational mess We watch these blind men as they scramble over the elephant of Dharavi It is an amusing sight and, at the same time, a tragic one.Above are few sentences that are written by the authors about the situation in Dharavi They have picked up individual entrepreneur stories from the slum The book showcases how the inhabitants have made a comfortable life for themselves de

  9. Mimansa Bairathi Mimansa Bairathi says:

    I have never been much of a fan of Rashmi Bansal s books, because I felt that her work lacked scrupulousness But, this is a rather fascinating collection of entrepreneurship anecdotes of the residents of Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world Dharavi has never lacked attention whether it be from the media, the tourists or political rhetoric But what it has been unable to garner are concerted efforts by the society as a whole to understand the ailments, the needs and the way of lives

  10. Smitha Smitha says:

    Bansal s books celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, and individual choice It talks of people who dared to take the path less taken It is an inspiration to those who are at the threshold of new beginnings, and to those who still dream of making a difference within the corporate grind.Poor little rich slum talks of the spirit of entrepreneurship that resides in what is ...

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