Pradash Day: a thrilling summer holiday read suffused with

Pradash Day: a thrilling summer holiday read suffused with Summer winds lead a glamorous trio off on holiday, their relationship a little beyond friendship, their decadence a little beyond deluxe From the city skyline to exotic coastlines, they indulge in the carefree paradise of beauty and youth But restless winds soon change, casting the disturbing shadow of tradition across their libertine love As the festivities of Pradash Day draw near, the maelstrom is upon them than they could ever predict Discover the mysterious events of Pradash Day, how they threaten to leave our threesome broken Can their romance survive the summer Or will their fleeting encounter with the girl on the train leave a lasting impression on them all Essential holiday reading, for travel and the beach, Pradash Day is thought provoking than many chick lit books Inspired by music videos, dreams and tarot cards, Ben Aaron MacLeod weaves a light yet intriguing novella, well suited to the daily commute The twenty six year old s stunning debut makes the most of his time in the South of France, mixing beauty, mystery and the downright bizarre What starts as a glossy jaunt grows to become a wistful, moving journey Like a good holiday, this story leaves you amused, uplifted and positively changed Like good hot chocolate, this book is medicine for the soul A holiday read so distracting, you just might miss your stop This edition includes a recipe for hot chocolate, specially created for the book The recipe can also serve as a love potion Not to be missed Caution Contains sex, drug references and erotic themes including polyamory, mmf bisexuality, gay themes and nudity Definitely not a childrens book but not exactly erotica neither, Pradash Day may be considered suitable for young adult romance or LGBT teen fiction readers Cover Image from an original painting Watercolour with Marshmallows and Melted Chocolate on Paper,The Three of Cups by Ann McLeod and Ben Aaron MacLeod Other design by Ben Aaron MacLeod, courtesy of Canva

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