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[PDF] ✪ Re  Author Kogitsune Kanekiru – Submitalink.info Tomokui Kanata Has Suffered An Early Death, But His Adventures Are Far From Over He Is Reborn Into A Fantastical World Of Monsters And Magic But As A Lowly Goblin Not About To Let That Stop Him, The Now Renamed Rou Uses His New Physical Prowess And His Old Memories To Plow Ahead In A World Where Consuming Other Creatures Allows Him To Acquire Their Powers.

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  1. Ericurururuururua Ericurururuururua says:

    Dude goes and has children in this one Pretty cool.

  2. Mical Mical says:

    I started this series with high hopes The art is excellent and the original premise was interesting, but three volumes in the story has become tedious The main character is so ridiculously overpowered that nothing can touch them and there are no real challenges The original idea had some merit, but was never really mentioned after the first couple of pages The story reads like a DD game where the DM s SO is playing and the DM is coddling that character to the point th

  3. Elinor Master of Gifs Elinor Master of Gifs says:

    J ai un peu de mal avec les harems et le consentement tr s tr s ambigu, mais j aime bien l histoire, j aime bien voir les personnages progresser et changer c est une s rie sympa

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