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➹ Refuge (The Sin #2)  Download ➾ Author A.I. Nasser – Submitalink.info PDF Epub Refuge The Sin 2 Author A.I Nasser Thomashillier.co.uk The Small Town Of Refuge Is The Perfect Hideaway For Patrick Lahm And The Freys Nestled In The Heart Of Maine And Miles Away From The Kurtain Motel, Refuge Promises Both Tranquility And Ease Of Mind The Mundane Routine Of Working In The Local Post Office And Buying Groceries Is All Patrick Could Hope For For The First Time In His Life, Things Are Finally Looking Up But One Can Only Escape From His Sins For So Long Occasional Nightmares, Visions Of The Dead And A Priest Hell Bound On Confessions Leave The Survivors Feeling That It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before The Darkness Catches Up With Jimmy By His Side, Patrick Watches As The Walls Of Reality Crumble Around Him, And He Quickly Realizes That There Can Be No Rest For The Sinful No Matter How Far They Run.

10 thoughts on “Refuge (The Sin #2)

  1. Fungi From Yuggoth Fungi From Yuggoth says:

    Review REFUGE by A I Nasser THE SIN 2 In my review of the first in this trilogy, KURTAIN MOTEL, I raved about how enjoyable and imaginative a story it is REFUGE keeps the bar high Those of our characters who escaped the Kurtain Motel find asylum and a settled home in Refuge, Maine, a seemingly pleasant small community where everything is just fine Or is it With Rev Clancy and his ...

  2. David David says:

    I received this book as a gift from the publisher Audiobook edition Refuge is the second of three books in The Sin series and continues the story from Kurtain Motel Patrick Lahm manages to escape from the Kurtain Motel and finds himself in the Town of Refuge While he believes he is free and clear of the horrors he left behind, things begin to go south for him He sees people in town that he clearly rem

  3. BookLoversLife BookLoversLife says:

    Patrick, Jimmy and his mom, barely escaped the Kurtain Motel with their lives and went on the run from the Sin eater They found a tiny town called Refuge, and it seemed perfect for them But nothing is as it seems and Patrick s normal life is about to come crashing down again Now this was some seriously twisty read The plot was awesome We start with seeing Patrick having a good life He is working in the Post O

  4. Lisa Stethem Lisa Stethem says:

    Make sure you read this book after Kurtain Motel Actually pretty closely after since the story continues and if you don t keep the characters fresh in your head, this book can be a bit confusing I m exci...

  5. Zach Hentrich Zach Hentrich says:

    What a freakin rollar coaster If you liked the first book just wait until you read this bad boy, it s written so well you feel like your enjoying a thriller movie rather than a novel

  6. Tam French Tam French says:

    WowAnother great book in the series I can t wait to find out what happens in the third book Love your writing.

  7. Pat Wittorf Pat Wittorf says:

    Too off the wallfor my tastes I gave it my best shot but just couldn t stay engaged and quit trying a little over half way through.

  8. Karrie Karrie says:

    Nasser always has a good tale to share I enjoyed this series quite a lot Unfortunately, due to my own fault I read two and three out of order So it messed up the storyline some Not the Author s fault whatsoever, but it did mess up the ...

  9. Tammy Roos Tammy Roos says:

    As i said about the first one, Kurtain Hotel, it isnt my most favorite of genres I like haunted house books myself But this intrigued me and it did hold my interest The story itself was written well I didnt have to work to read it I hate that.

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