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[PDF / Epub] ✐ Rocks Beat Paper: A Wilson Mystery ☃ Mike Knowles – Submitalink.info Merciless But Honest About Being Monstrous, Wilson Is Worthy To Stand Next To Loren Estleman S Peter Macklin And Donald Westlake S ParkerPublishers WeeklyA Phone Call Brought Wilson And Nine Other Men To A Job In New York At First, He Couldn T See A Way To Make The Heist Work, But The Score Millions Of Dollars In Diamonds Kept Him Looking Wilson Came Up With A Plan He Knew Would Work Until The Inside Man Got Killed And Took The Job With HimWith No Way Inside, The Crew Walks Away Without The Diamonds Alone, Wilson Is Free To Execute The Job His Way Wilson Sets A Con In Motion That Should Run As Predictably As A Trail Of Dominoes Except The Con Doesn T Rely On Inanimate Tiles, It Relies On PeopleWilson Pushes All Of The Pieces Across The Board Only To Find Out That There Are Other Players Making Their Own Moves Against Him Everyone Is Playing To Win And No One Is Willing To Walk Away Because The Job Is About Than Money, The Job Is About Diamonds And In This Game, Rocks Beat Paper Every Time

10 thoughts on “Rocks Beat Paper: A Wilson Mystery

  1. Sandy Sandy says:

    When someone uses the term hardboiled , you generally think of novels featuring a gritty PI who ponders the evil men do while saving a dame in distress Wilson no 1st name in not a PI He s a thief And his deep thoughts are reserved for planning a job But hey, he makes a good living so if it ain t broke..Wilson was invited to be part of a gang with plans to liberate a bag of uncut diamonds from a high end jeweller But when their inside man suddenly died, so did the job He wasn t comforta When someo

  2. Robin Robin says:

    A good quick read This was a different sort of mystery suspense novel since all the characters are bad guys You don t want to root for the bad guys but can t help liking him and rooting for him.

  3. Derrick Derrick says:

    If I had to pick a name of an author that had floored me with each book they have written, yet they seem unknown in reading circles, I would put Mike Knowles at the top of the list Knowles has been consistently putting out books that are top notch since 2008 when he burst onto the scene with Darwin s Nightmare which introduced his series protagonist, Wilson Knowles has since release 5 books with Wilson as the lead and each one was better than the one that came before it, however, he may have s If I had to pi

  4. Tony Blenman Tony Blenman says:

    This is my first read of Mike Knowles, but the novel was fairly easy to read and understand with not too much jumping from one scene to other Wilson, and eight other bodies met in a room to plan a robbery, steal uncut diamonds from Saul, a jeweler, older man, supposedly in the early stages of senility David was the inside man, an employee of Saul, and he was going to make it possible for Wilson and others to get into the Saul s safe to steal the diamonds David and his cousin, Alvin, were kill This is my first read

  5. Teena in Toronto Teena in Toronto says:

    Wilson works as a con man and has a broker who finds him jobs On his latest job, he is teamed up with eight others to rob a lot of diamonds from a jewelry store Saul, the owner of the store, is getting old and forgetful David is the inside man on the job He has been a loyal employee and is in line to manage the store But he is getting tired of waiting and wants to have the store robbed before Saul runs it to the ground Before the plan could be put in action, a couple deaths put an end Wilson works as a con man and has a

  6. Mark Zodda Mark Zodda says:

    Wilson has evolved over the years from a loner in Canada to working with at least one member of an old crew in NYC in this story Still hard as nails and mostly unsentimental, he s not a hero but a violent criminal who makes his own way with enough missteps to make the journey interesting.

  7. Heather Sinclair Heather Sinclair says:

    Mike Knowles has developed a character in Wilson that rivals Andrew Vach s Burke for being likeable in spite of being unlikeable Starting with Darwin s Nightmareevery Mike Knowles novel is of the can t put it down variety

  8. Debra Debra says:

    For my written review, please check out the link below Debra s Book CafeDebs For my written review, please check out the link below Debra s Book CafeDebs

  9. Patrick Patrick says:

    A good simulacrum of Donald Westlake or Lawrence Block Lots of twists and turns Made me think it d be a good low budget Redbox thriller starring Nic Cage or Bruce Willis or both

  10. Viva Viva says:

    Summary A diamond heist caper.It s my first Mike Knowles book This is not the first in the Wilson mystery series but you don t have to read the other s to enjoy this This is a fast reading book and I finished this in 24 hours This isn t high brow literature It s fast and furious and is action oriented I found some of the premise and logic iffy but I just went along with the ride, it was better that way Character development is like everything else in this book quick and dirty There are Summary A diamond heist caper.It s my first Mike Knowles book Th

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