Roman Scotland: Frontier Country PDF Ä Roman

Roman Scotland: Frontier Country PDF Ä Roman Two thousand years ago the Roman army, one of the world s most successful fighting machines, set out to conquer Scotland Three invasions were attempted and each ended in withdrawal These forays have left their mark on today s landscape in the form of impressive earthworks the remains of forts and frontiers constructed by the army, including the famous and spectacular Antonine Wall Using the latest archaeological evidence and contemporary Roman documents, including the uniquely informative Vindolanda writing tablets, Dr Breeze assesses these three periods of occupation and the effect they had on Scotland and its people He asks why the Romans chose to invade and why they failed, what was the strength and nature of the invasion force, how strong was the opposition, what was daily life like for civilians and soldiers, and what was the relationship between Rome and the northern tribes after the Roman withdrawal Copiously illustrated with photographs and drawings, this informative and lively guide is enhanced by specially commissioned reconstruction drawings of military installations

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