The Senator Epub ñ Kindle Edition

The Senator Epub ñ Kindle Edition Senator Pierce Driscoll is the youngest member of Congress That isn t stopping him from setting his sights on a bid for the White House in two years though He knows that America doesn t have an extremely strong track record of unmarried presidents and sets out to find himself a wife Delaney Richards is old enough to know better and brash enough to not care much about what people think of her She s eccentric, with a sense of style that is definitely one of a kind When she s invited by a friend to attend a huge political fundraising bash, promising plenty of fun loving bachelors, Delaney feels obligated to attend Left in the lurch by her friend almost as soon as they arrive, Delaney soon finds herself the object of a very handsome man s attention Can she trust that he truly wants to get to know her, or is she simply to be a trophy attached to his side

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