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[ PDF / Epub ] ☃ Roses Legacy  Author Patricia Strefling – Submitalink.info EPUB Roses Legacy Author Patricia Strefling Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Sequel To Ireland Rose Ireland Rose Finds That Being A Sea Captain S Wife Is A Full Life, The Triumphant Returns And The Love That Engulfs Them, The Long Days He Is At Sea How Her Heart Yearns For His Company Letters Fly Back And Forth Across The Atlantic From Ireland To Charleston, SC To The Ones She Left Behind The People That Fill Her World Are The Vibrant Landscape That Makes Her Life Complete She Journals Every Experience Leaving Behind The Most Important Gift To Those That Follow Her Her Life S Legacy. Now we knowThis book is just, perfect Ireland Roses life told so beautifully her life s journey gives hope to anyone who may doubt about the here and now Regardless of color, place or education everyone can build a better tomorrow for someone. I bought this sequel to the free kindle selection of Ireland Rose If I hadn t like Ireland Rose, I would have been upset at the money I spent There is no story, no character development, no hardships to overcome, no climax A wonderful read I thoroughly enjoyed this follow up to Ireland Rose In the first book a connection is made with Rose as you journey with her, so Roses Legacy allows us to continue enjoying in her journey of life It captures the simplicity romance of life There are a few editing mistakes here there I loved this book, she put a great ending to this sequel I love the easy way she wrote and the finish of the characters for this book. Rose wants to leave a legacy to her children and grandchildren about her life So she journals her life This story picks up where Ireland Rose leaves off The story itself is pretty good I wish it didn t end quite as abruptly as it did. Loved the second book I love getting to continue to learn about a lovely character like Ireland Rose, her legacy was something to be proud of. It was okay, I guess Rose s Legacy was a sweet story It made me think a little of Janette Oke s book, justin a kind of journal form It was slower andtrue to life than most novels All in all, an interesting read.Apparently, Rose s Legacy is a sequel to Ireland Rose, which I have never read I can see it would have been better for me to read Ireland Rose first however, I caught onto the story pretty quick A gentle story of

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