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Sea Room PDF/EPUB ñ Hardcover In , Adam Nicolson s father answered a newspaper ad Uninhabited islands for sale Outer Hebrides,acres Puffins and seals Apply In this radiant and powerful book, Adam describes, and relives, his love affair with this enchantingly beautiful property, which he inherited when he was twenty one As the islands grew to become the most important thing in his life, they began to offer him than escape, giving him sea room a sailing term Nicolson uses to mean the sense of enlargement that island life can give you The Shiants the name means holy or enchanted islands lie east of the Isle of Lewis in a treacherous sea once known as the stream of blue men, after the legendary water spirits who menaced sailors there Crowned with five hundred foot cliffs of black basalt and surrounded by tidal rips, teeming in the summer with thousands of sea birds, they are wild, dangerous, and dramatic with a long, haunting past For millennia the Shiants were a haven for those seeking solitude an eighth century hermit, the twentieth century novelist Compton Mackenzie but their rich, sometimes violent history of human habitation includes much Since the Stone Age, families have dwelled on the islands and sailors have perished on their shores The landscape is soaked in centuries old tales of restless ghosts and ancient treasure, cradling the heritage of a once productive world of farmers and fishermenIn passionate, keenly precise prose, Nicolson evokes the paradoxes of island life cut off from the mainland yet intricately bound to it, austere yet fertile, unforgiving yet bewitchingly beautiful Sea Room does than celebrate and praise this extraordinary place It shares with us the greatest gift an island can bestow a deep, revelatory engagement with the natural world

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    This was a surprising pleasure to read by the author of Why Homer Matters I readily enjoyed its core as a sustained poetic reverie during his extended stays on a trio of remote islands in the Hebr

  2. Ashley Thomas Ashley Thomas says:

    A disclaimer I bought this book in a tiny bookstore post office while on a trip to the Isle of Skye off the Northwest coast of Scotland, and read the first few chapters while sitting on a log at the edg

  3. Bettie Bettie says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler

  4. Ron Ron says:

    Ah, what a fine book this is Reading it is like spending time with a new friend Nicholson has a sharp and curious mind and a generous spirit You may not think you can be much interested in a group of three little i

  5. Leif Leif says:

    What happens when an aristocrat inherits a beautiful, severe, historic and largely uninhabited Hebridean island Best case scenario this book Nicolson clearly loves and cares for the Shiants, as is reflected here, but his

  6. Helen Helen says:

    Loved this Adam Nicolson inherited the Shiant Islands in the Hebrides from his father Nigel Nicolson at the age of 21, bought at the behest of Nigel s mother Vita Sackville West The islands had long been uninhabited, although

  7. Amanda Brookfield Amanda Brookfield says:

    Amanda Brookfield s Reviews Sea Room An Island Life in the HebridesSea Room by Adam NicolsonSea Room An Island Life in the Hebrides by Adam Nicolson 25327464Amanda Brookfield s review Jul 24, 14 edit5 of 5 starsRead from June 30 to

  8. Nick Davies Nick Davies says:

    This concerned a subject the author describing the isolated Hebridean Shaint Islands, and those who have lived on it about which I would ve professed an interest In the end though it made for a slightly over long read, slightly over dwell

  9. Catherine Catherine says:

    3.5 starsThere were places where I really liked this book, and they were in some of Adam s descriptions of the islands and the peoples His love of the Shiants is clear However, I was thrown off a little by his conversational style Two lines int

  10. Patrick Carroll Patrick Carroll says:

    I found this book inconsistent, some sections were really interesting but some diversions simply failed to hold my interest I did find the initial self justification a bit irritating because this is ultimately a rich man owns islands book and whilst

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