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[ Download ] ➹ Selling the Stairway to Heaven  Author Jim Osman – Submitalink.info Heaven Visitations Are All The Rage Today A Retelling Of The Sights, Sounds, And Smells Of A Supposed Trip To Heaven Can Land An Author At The Top Of The Bestseller List And Produce Enough Speaking Engagements, Morning Television Appearances, News Segments, And Interviews On Christian TV And Radio To Keep Him At The Top Of The Bestseller List For Quite Some Time In This Book, Author And Pastor Jim Osman Of Kootenai Community Church Examines The Claims Of Heaven Tourists Don Piper 90 Minutes In Heaven , Colton And Todd Burpo Heaven Is For Real And Eben Alexander Proof Of Heaven Pastor Osman Offers A Critical Theological Critique Of Their Writings And Media Appearances, Comparing Their Claims To Scripture And To Each Other He Also Examines Their Stories For Internal Consistency He Shows That These Eye Witness Testimonies Of Heaven Are Not Only Self Contradictory, But Importantly, They Contradict Scripture Pastor Osman Calls Upon Faithful Christians Everywhere To Reject These Cleverly Devised Fables And Affirm Their Commitment To The Sufficiency Of Scripture As God S Infallible And Final Revelation This Book Will Equip You To Expose The Errors Of The Heaven Tourism Industry And To Defend The Truth Of Scripture By Providing Critical Theological Reviews Of These Three Bestsellers, This Book Helps Expose The Errors Made By ALL Those Who Claim To Have Visited Heaven Chapter Headings Are As Follows Introduction Chapter 1 A Critical Theological Review Of Don Piper S Book 90 Minutes In Heaven Chapter 2 A Critical Theological Review Of Todd Burpo S Book Heaven Is For Real Chapter 3 A Critical Theological Review Of Eben Alexander S Book Proof Of Heaven Chapter 4 Conclusion The Problems With Heaven Tourism Chapter 5 Do You Know The True Gospel About The Author All The Proceeds From The Sale Of This Book Go To The Kootenai Community Church Building Fund For Books By Jim Osman, Visit Or Visit The Kootenai Church Website At Since Genesis 3, God s Word has been under attack There is nothing new under the sun and the attacks continue to this day One such attack on the sufficiency of God s Word is found in the fabricated, wildly popular stories books about individuals who died and went to heaven, or in the case of one man, to the outskirts of heaven thus, 90 Minutes in Heaven isn t even an accurate title for the book In Selling the Stairway to Heaven, Jim Osman does an excellent job of demonstrating, not only the contradictions between the stories of three very popular authors who wrote best sellers about their, or their kid s, trip to heaven, but also shows the very specific unbiblical nature of each of these stories Hardly a month goes by that I am not asked my thoughts on the book, 90 Minutes in Heaven or Heaven is For Real This book puts together a succinct Experience is no sure measure of spiritual truth In this text, the massively under rated Jim Osman, explores the claims of people who claim to have visited Heaven.With books like 90 Minutes In Heaven Heaven Is For Real being snapped up by undiscerning Christians in droves, this rebuttal of such claims is both necessary and refreshing.Using scripture as the arbiter of truth, Osman does a great job in not only exposing the dangerous theology behind such claims but also in encouraging t

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