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[Ebook] ↠ Shadows in the Sun  Author Gayathri Ramprasad – Submitalink.info Everyone Who Struggles With A Mental Illness, Or Who Knows Anyone With Depression, Anxiety, Or Any Other Mental Illness, Must Read This Engrossing True Story Of Courage In The Face Of Heartbreaking Adversity Dilip V Jeste, MD, President, American Psychiatric AssociationAs A Young Girl In Bangalore, Gayathri Was Surrounded By The Fragrance Of Jasmine And Flickering Oil Lamps, Her Family Protected By Hindu Gods And Goddesses But As She Grew Older, Demons Came Forth From The Dark Corners Of Her Idyllic Kingdom With The Scariest Creatures Lurking Within Her.The Daughter Of A Respected Brahmin Family, Gayathri Began To Feel Different I Can Hardly Eat, Sleep, Or Think Straight The Only Thing I Can Do Is Cry Unending Tears Her Parents Insisted It Was All In Her Head Because Traditional Indian Culture Had No Concept Of Depression As An Illness, No Doctor Could Diagnose And No Medicine Could Heal Her Mysterious Malady.This Memoir Traces Gayathri S Courageous Battle With The Depression That Consumed Her From Adolescence Through Marriage And A Move To The United States It Was Only After The Birth Of Her First Child, When Her Husband Discovered Her In The Backyard Clawing The Earth Furiously With My Bare Hands, Intent On Digging A Grave So That I Could Bury Myself Alive That She Finally Found Help After A Stay In A Psych Ward She Eventually Found The Light Within, An Emotional And Spiritual Awakening From The Darkness Of Her Tortured Mind.Gayathri S Inspiring Story Provides A First Of Its Kind Cross Cultural View Of Mental Illness How It Is Regarded In India And In America, And How She Drew On Both Her Rich Hindu Heritage And Western Medicine To Find Healing.

10 thoughts on “Shadows in the Sun

  1. Divya Manoharan Divya Manoharan says:

    Oh, where do I even start I think I must begin by requesting, nay, begging everyone out there to grab a copy and read this book.One day, you meet someone And you know that someone is beautiful because you look at them and a split second later, you look at them again Something

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    A little background on me, because I think sometimes people wonder why certain books resonate with others My masters degree in in clinical psychology, and much of my research in both undergrad and grad school centered around cross cultural education for mental health service providers

  3. Kitty Kitty says:

    I had the good luck to have met Gayathri Ramprasad at a training she did here in Portland a while back She is an eloquent, engaging speaker and an amazingly bright and industrious person The work she does for the community is incredible I had a hard time imagining her ever having suffered from

  4. Kristina Brownell Kristina Brownell says:

    I almost didn t finish this book It was dark and depressing for far too long But every time I thought about delving into a light hearted read, this found it s way into my hands instead The last 2 paragraphs made it 100% worth reading In a life filled with love and light, from time to time, my moods con

  5. Kristin Kristin says:

    As a second generation Indian American woman with depression, I definitely resonated with the way the author described her relatives reacting to her illness the stigma surrounding it I wish she had dug a little deeper and that there wasn t so much exposition about her daily life.

  6. N. N. says:

    4.5 5

  7. Maggie Maggie says:

    The title of this book can be a bit off putting, because it appears to be a self help book I got a few odd looks when I was reading it But don t let that turn you away from it It s a fascinating memoir of one woman s struggle with mental illness and social stigma I learned a...

  8. Dee Renee Chesnut Dee Renee Chesnut says:

    This ebook was free when I downloaded it to my Nook library from Barnes and Noble It is a creative nonfiction type of memoir because the author must fill in her memories, lost to ECT shock treatment for her dep...

  9. Caroline Caroline says:

    one of the best books i have ever read

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