10 thoughts on “Sister Beneath the Sheet

  1. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    A really good murder mystery A dead prostitute leaves a suffragette society most of her fortune The society sends a representative to find out why and she, in turn, becomes intrigued by the dead woman and seek

  2. Madeleine Madeleine says:


  3. Phair Phair says:

    Have long wanted to read this series but my reaction to book 1 is just, meh At times it was involving but other times it felt superficial with no strong sense of the period The author did keep me guessing as to the perp I thought

  4. Kirsty Darbyshire Kirsty Darbyshire says:

    I didn t think this was quite as good as the later books in the series that I began with but definitely well worth going back for Nell has just returned from a spell in Holloway for chucking a brick through the window of 10 Downing Street

  5. AnnieM AnnieM says:

    This is one of those rare occasions where I m gonna give the bookstars than it may deserve I love the concept, location, and time that I will have to read a second book from the series to make a complete decision I hope this books suffers from first

  6. Joy Joy says:

    Historical mystery, in which Nell Bray, a suffragette, investigates the mysterious death of a courtesan who has left her fortune to the movement This was less engaging to me as a whodunit than as a period piece I loved Nell s wry narrative voice, especially t

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Substantive and fun I m going to enjoy reading this series.

  8. Sharon Buxton Sharon Buxton says:

    C historical mystery, early 1900s, series, 1

  9. Carrie Carrie says:

    Lots to like, doesn t shy away from complications

  10. Iulia Iulia says:

    Nell Bray, Edwardian suffragette, investigates the suspicious suicide of a high class escort Page turning mystery Easy read.

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