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Suffrajitsu: Mrs Pankhurst's Amazons PDF ã London,with Europe on the brink of war, the leaders of the radical women s rights movement are fugitives from the law Their last line of defence is the elite secret society of s women trained in the martial art of Bartitsu and sworn to protect their leaders from arrest and assaultIn Bookof the Suffrajitsu trilogy, The s tactics and fighting skills are put to the test in escalating conflicts with the London and Glasgow police

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  1. Margaret Sankey Margaret Sankey says:

    The true story is amazing Edith Garrud really did teach British suffragettes ju jitsu to elude police arrest and defend themselves, and with her husband, ran a dojo in Soho that served as a center of feminist activities So I was excited to see a graphic novel adaptation with thinly fictionalized historical figures and this story Unfortunately, the author chose to re

  2. Scott James Scott James says:

    Mrs Pankhurst s s don t disappoint Disclaimer This is a review of an advance copy obtained from the author When I first head about this series, I was very excited that it dealt with one of the most under represented movements of the 20th and let s be honest, the 19 andthat came before it century But this is a case where the truth far outstrips any fiction, as the bartit

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Sporting one of the best titles ever, Suffrajitsu has the spirit of a possible Hark, a Vagrant 4 panel writ large, if not quite so pithily amusing.It is an alt history imagining of a band of all female martial arts trained enforcers for the luminaries of the suffragette movement These intrepid heroines safeguard their charges from violent police action and other would be as

  4. E E says:

    Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review There s something intriguing about stories building on historical events twisting in a way that could have change our past in different ways The first part of Tony Wolf s Suffrajitsu Mrs Pankhurst s s, Votes for Woman, is taking us in the middle of suffragette movement, right where Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter

  5. Ferdie Ferdie says:

    This was cracking good fun.Its clearly taking a bit of historical liberty and extrapolating on what we know about the women who trained Ju Jitsu and Bartitsu, but I think they preserve the spirit of the time really well.I particularly enjoyed the fact that while it is clearly a Feminist work as it should be , men are not portrayed as universally evil, I like the fact that the s hav

  6. Chinook Chinook says:

    That was a lot of fun Great illustrations and I ve been to both of the settings, London and Glasgow The storyline is interesting and I m curious to see where it will go next.

  7. Mike Voss Mike Voss says:

    Emmeline Pankhurst 1858 1928 was a pioneer of the organized women s rights movement in Edwardian England Along with her daughter Sylvia, she traveled throughout Great Britain, much to the establishment s chagrin, to spread the word and ignite grassroots participation in the movement, which the authorities were under much political pressure to subjugate Subjecting such activists to the igno

  8. Heather Heather says:

    as I got further into Suffrajitsu, I fell further in love Not only does it have some BA women doing BA things, but I love the dialogue Now, I will take this time to remind potential readers that this is an alternate history and events did not go down like this However, this graphic novel is less about the suffragette movement than it is about the actions of these specific suffragists It s the

  9. L. Munro L. Munro says:

    This story starts with the heroine, Persephone, being part of the Bodyguard, or Mrs Pankhurst s s, a group of women who trained to be protectors to the leaders of the Women s Social and Political Union Then we are taken into an alternate reality history, where Persephone is asked to lead a group of her fighting suffragists in a secret mission to rescue Christabel Pankhurst from fanatic scientists

  10. Wayne McCoy Wayne McCoy says:

    Suffrajitsu Mrs Pankhurst s s takes a stab at an alternate history that seems to work My review copy was only the very first issue, so at 24 pages, there s only the very beginnings of a story to consider.It s 1914 in London and women are being oppressed They can t seem to convince men to allow them to vote, so rather than shrink away, they decide to fight back Literally They have an elite secret socie

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